Meet the Admins!

My Name is Alex you may know me as AGreeNer, creator / founder of the Shrouded Gaming Community.


I consider myself to be a hardworking person who strives for perfection in every venture... I've always been a responsible person, but never afraid to let loose and have fun.


As a stereotypical Canadian, my hobby outside of gaming is snowboarding, all thought I'm no pro, nothing beats cutting into fresh powder at the top of a mountain.


At this time my goals are to keep building the SGC to its full potential, and through that help to empower fellow gamers in hopes of them, one day, reaching their gaming goals.


My Gaming Career began in 1988 ( Just aged myself ). Mario on the NES was my jam, switched to the Genesis in the early 90's. My go to's for that period were Sonic 2 & Streets of Rage 2. Although level 3 on the lion king was where the true RAGE lived. I've moved through all the consoles, landing on the psx. I'll never forget my first playthrough of Final Fantasy 8. It without a doubt cemented me into gaming culture. There are honestly no words to explain how much that experience impacted my future in gaming. Now I love a variety of games across many platforms and love exploring them all!


In 2017 I founded the SGC. It has provided me the amazing opportunity to bring others who love playing together. I can't wait to see where it takes us.....



Hey guys Frenchie here.


Been gaming from my early years back on the Nes and moved up into the classic of the PS2. As i got older spent most my time playing Halo: Combat Evolved and all the way up to Halo 3, participating in many LAN events! As most know I'm over in the UK working as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Supplier. Other than gaming I tend to spend my spare time down at the Beach in what sun we get.


I joined the SGC in March 2018 purley to play Destiny and been here ever since helping out where I can.


PC Gaming Manager

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