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Destiny 2 Admin / Officer Responsibilities

Clan Leaders 

As an SGC Clan Admin / Officer, you are expected to be not only a representative of the SGC as an organization, but also a leader for each member of the clan you help run. You will be the face(s) of your clan to all your members, and the SGC as a whole. You will each have separate responsibilities that must be completed daily and / or weekly, but there will also be shared responsibilities that you may assist each other in completing.

Clan (Shared) Duties:

You each are responsible for welcoming new members to the clan, and ensuring that they feel welcome to both the clan as an individual, and to the SGC as a whole. This is a two-fold action, as you should not only be familiar with each member of your clan, but also help them in understanding how the SGC and the Shrouded Discord(s) function.


Shared Responsibilities:


  • Remaining positive and accessible at all times to each member of the clan.

  • Engaging with and encouraging activity within the clan. This can be in regards to in-game chat, Discord chat(s) / voice, and completing clan activities. 

  • Scouting for and recruiting solid sherpas for your clan. 

  • Regularly announce activities and events in your clan-specific chat(s). For example, reminders for the Player of the Week / Month events, Nominations and Community Streams.

    • Timeline: PotW streams are weekly on Tuesday evenings at 8PM EST. You should announce the event two hours before, and once as it starts. The PotM stream is held the first Saturday of each month, and starts at the same time.

  • Encourage your clan members to utilize the Player of the Month page at least twice a week in your respective clan channel(s). There is no limitation to how many times a player can submit a submission.

Officer Responsibilities:

  • Be active in the Discord and game chat(s), interact with your clan, and ensure that each week they meet the clan milestone(s) and engram completions!

  • Scouting for and molding of clan Sherpas. You should be on the lookout for potential clan sherpas. If you come across someone whom you feel would be a potential fit for the role, gauge their abilities to guide new players across each encounter / raid / lair, and then direct them to the proper page on the website to submit an application.

  • Weekly tracking of both in-game and Discord activity.

    • Discord activity: When tracking weekly discord activity you should be looking at multiple channels:

      • General Chat, gen-setup, raid-setup, and your respective clan channels. Note: Clan approval posts do not count for discord activity.

      • Discord Activity is required. If someone is not being active in discord, make an attempt to reach out to them and get them active before the weekly purge. Reaching out can be done via discord or through your respective console.

    • In-game activity and Clan Activity Spreadsheet:

      • You can track this at You should be updating the Clan Activity Spreadsheet with the current clan roster every few days, making notations for players that are “away”, checking up on those with activity issues, and sending warnings to those that are past the activity threshold. If they haven’t been active in a 10 day period, they should be warned and informed of the activity policy. If they have been warned previously, and have not responded or remedied the inactivity, mark them to be purged at the next reset. Once this is complete, you should ensure that all content is accurate before Sunday evening, that way your clan admin can perform their duties on Monday. In Summary: Update Clan Activity Sheet with the clan roster, warn inactive members, mark those who are away as away, and anyone to be purged as such.

Admins Responsibilities:

  • Each Monday go to and download your clan .CSV file. Import said file into the POTW Google Doc to calculate your POTW Scoring. 

  • By Monday evening check to see that your officer has updated the Clan Activity Spreadsheet with the relevant information. Anyone who has not met the activity policy and hasn’t responded to any warning(s) from your officer(s) should already be marked to be purged. Anyone who is marked as such needs to be removed from the clan on and updated in the Discord to no longer have the clan tag and clan role. 

  • Accept new applicants to the clan in a timely manner. Once they are accepted, ensure that they receive the clan tag (Example: SHDY | Name) and the clan role. Their Discord nickname should also be changed to reflect their Bnet ID, as this is vital for the Clan Activity Spreadsheet to track their Discord activity levels.

  • Moderation of the Destiny portion of Discord.

  • All Destiny 2 channels within the Discord should be watched over by each clan admin. If you see anything that you are unsure of how to respond to / deal with, reach out to a Moderator and they will deal with the issue in a manner they see fit.

  • Ensure that your clan is obtaining the clan milestones / engrams each week. If this does not occur, make an effort to get everyone engaged and see that this happens. As the admin, one of your primary roles is encouraging activity and growth within the clan.

  • Keeping your clan Sherpa(s) active and engaged with the clan. If they are failing to maintain a proper level of activity, reach out to them and find out why. If they are no longer interested or able to meet the requirements of the role, it is your responsibility to replace them with someone who is able to.

  • If you are unable to perform your required duties for any given week, it is your job to ensure that your clan officer(s) know what to do so that they may ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

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