How to merge your clan into the
Shrouded Community

How we started

"So to begin. I personally was a streamer for years, it was the reason I had this discord to begin with. I had tried one  time to start a community, and that was the release of Destiny 1. It went alright, but I wasn't really invested as my multiplayer machine was my PC, and as you know destiny 1 was only on console. So that Game community never went anywhere.

Fast forward 2 years and Destiny 2 release is coming up fast and they decided to release on PC. I was interested but to say the least I still hadn't planned on making a community, maybe a clan.... but never a community.

So Here came the day October 24th, 2017 and I was sitting at work, and I was like I’m going to make a clan. So I sat and pondered for awhile what I should name it, went through a bunch of names and finally settled on "Shrouded Souls". So Invited some of the friends I knew that would play D2 with me and then we had the start to a clan, I made the banner added the profile page. Setup some channels in discord. And put up a recruitment post on the Bungie Forums. This changed everything.

We recruited 100 Members Unbelievably fast, it was unreal. So my battle net account was linked to my psn as well, I was able to make a second clan with a the psn account. So I made a second clan, updated my post telling people to join the new clan "Shrouded Knights" And thus began the idea of a community as well had to clans that would fly the same banner, group up on discord and have loads of fun. Well to tell you Knights filled up just as fast as Souls would be an understatement. almost as fast as I could blink we had 200 members. Immediately the 3rd and 4th clan were created. We filled these and officially said 400 is enough members…. That was day 1 of the Shrouded Gaming Community.


Fast forward 1.5 years, we have over 75 staff members, ranging from clan admins and officers to content creators, sherpas and recruiters all looking after over 40 clans and 7000 SGC Members.  

Agreener - The Shrouded One


What are you gaining by joining
The Shrouded Community


With such a large community you can always ensure there is the help you need available as well as finding and meeting new people to play with at all times.


We are a very diverse yet very organized community and it is very well maintained with all of our staff members.

Our goal?

  • To be a pillar of the Destiny community by creating a prosperous and healthy community for all our members. Our core fundamentals are built upon Respect, Humbleness, Maturity, Quality players and Just plain out being helpful. We strive on building our members up and giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed on their own. We have multiple sherpa's for each platform to help guide you through any situation you may need help with as well as a multitude of admins to assist you in any sort of endeavor.

  • Currently we are a extensive community of gamers all across the world so you can ensure someone is always online to play with. We have 30 clans on Destiny 2 alone spanning across all three major platforms, PC - Xbox One - PS4.


GFX Team:

 We have a killer Graphics Design Team that develops all of our Graphics that anyone is welcome to join - so long as they meet the requirements.

VFX Team: 

Our Videographer Team creates and develops community montages, player of the week videos, intros, anything involving video - you name it, we got it covered!

Stream Team:

 Our Stream team is new under the content creation division but is rapidly growing and shows promise! It helps to get members engaged and involved with whoever is streaming!


We currently don’t have a need for any coding work to be done however we do have people on retainer within the SGC that provide coding work for us.

Player of the Week/Month: 

Every week we take every clan members D2 info and compile the information into a formula that projects who had the most activities and engagement throughout the week. We congratulate them and reward them!


Our player of the month streams are a little longer as we go over all the PotW of that week as well as all the nominations members have submitted. These Player of the Month members receive SGC swag and rewards!



During our Weekly and monthly community streams there are always giveaways happening for those that are active in the chat on Twitch - prizes range from SGC gear and clothing, to in-game content all the way up to Full-Games and their DLCs.

Patreon -

We also have our monthly patreon giveaway that is usually of higher quality and is a surefire way to give back to our community that invest more than just their time into the SGC but also their hard-earned money. This month we are giving away a Top-Tier Gaming Chair with a built in lumbar massager! This is just one the many giveaways we offer as a way to give back.


Hosted Tournaments:

We host annual and monthly tournaments spread across all of our clans! Some are in-clan only whereas others are platform wide - we host tournaments on numeous games including Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and others to come.


Future Sponsorships:


Our goal is to be the best community we can be and to give back in such a way that people want to stay with us! It is in our sightlines to garner and gain sponsorships from gaming companies that allows us the opportunity to provide gear and discounts to SGC members.

More to be added soon..

Community Activity Policy

Within the SGC we ensure our members are active, engaging other members and interacting in the community as a whole. With all that we have to offer we want to give back to our community as much as possible! So By doing so, we have a community wide Activity policy across our games.
Every Monday our clan admins purge the inactives from their clans.
10+ Days in-game is cause for removal. 5+ is a warning.
14+ Days not active in discord is cause for removal. 7+ is a warning.

By keeping and staying true to this activity policy, everyone is always sure to find someone to play with, even if it isn’t in their exact clan. Our retention rates stay up and we foster a community wide involvement where any member can find the help they need or just people to play the game with that are of like mindedness and family oriented. 


How the Merger Process works:


  1. You will contact via discord the SA or Division Leader responsible for your game an platform.

    1. The SA will then contact you back in regards to it and go over this information and any questions you may have. 
      Foundership of the clan will need to be transferred to the Shrouded Admin over that Division. For PC - Frenchie For PS4/X1 - Mr. Neuro (Ghost)

  2. Clan Name will be changed as in Accordance to fit our Shrouded Tag.
    I.e - Shrouded Xxxxxx 

  3. All members of said clan will need to join the Shrouded Gaming Community Discord Server (Link will be sent out during this process)

  4. Clan’s hierarchy will be restructured to fit in accordance with SGC policy if not already. 

    1. Shrouded One

    2. Shrouded Admins (Platform Dependent)

    3. Division Leaders (1 Per Division)

    4. Clan Admins (1)

    5. Clan Officers (Max of 2)

    6. Sherpas / Recruiters (Unlimited)

  5. Clan Admins are required to compile a Player of the Week via Google Spreadsheet to be announced during our community streams every Tuesday.

    1. A full list of Responsibilities can be found here: (LINK)

  6. Clan Officers are required to track member in-game and discord activity weekly via Google Spreadsheet to stay within our activity policy of >10 days in-game - >14 days Discord. 

    1. A full list of Responsibilities can be found here: (LINK)

  7. Clan Sherpas are to complete (1) Sherpa Raid a week and to assist in other activities as well as document who does and does not have raid completions so that we can ensure all our members are eligible to participate in end-game content.

    1. A full list of Responsibilities can be found here: (LINK)