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Destiny 2

Division Leader




As Division Leaders within the SGC Community & Servers, you have a great majority of responsibilities and tasks to complete. While these may not involve you dealing directly with members of the community, you will deal with and be responsible for the admins / moderators etc., who do. Some of these tasks may seem mundane or inconsequential, but each and every one of them is vital to the continuing success of the SGC. Each one of you is an integral part of this great community, and are leaders for its membership base.



Each Division Lead is responsible for a specific platform, or “area” for Destiny 2, but you also share some common duties across the entire community as a whole.


  • Recruitment & Training of Destiny 2 Admins for your Region & Platform.

    • Each clan within your Division should have both an admin, and at least one officer. While the admins themselves are responsible for the promotion and management of their officer(s), you are responsible for ensuring each clan has trained and capable admins.

  • Recruitment of Destiny 2 Sherpas with the assistance of your specific platform’s Lead Sherpa.

    • Each clan should have a Sherpa or Sherpas, who are capable and knowledgeable players that can teach each raid encounter. They are able to perform under a variety of situations, remain flexible, understand new player frustrations, and be able to teach under stress. (Note: Your specific platform's Gaming Operations Manager will send you any approved applications for final review and processing.)

  • Follow-up with Admins to ensure the Player of the Week Sheets are completed on time.

    • Each week every admin should update the POTW sheets, ensuring accurate membership rosters, and the relevant information is imported via D2Checklist.

  • Follow-up with Admins to insure that clan activity sheets are completed weekly.

    • Each week, clan Admins / Officers should be updating the clan activity spreadsheets. These track both in-game and Discord activity, and are a vital part of the process in keeping the SGC active. 

  • Follow-up with Admins to insure clans are purged, and inactive members are warned weekly.

    • Within the SGC we have a very specific activity policy. This policy is vital to the continued success and activity of the SGC. Each week, every clan admin / officer should be purging those who are past-due on the activity policy, and sending warnings to those who are close to said policy. 

  • Discipline of staff members falls under your jurisdiction.

    • Each staff member that is within your platform is under your purview. At all times they should be following and upholding the rules and policies that the SGC holds. If they are unable or do not wish to follow said rules / policies, it is your responsibility to replace them with one who can. As a Division Leader, you are a pillar for the community, and a leader for those within under your platform. 

  • As a Division Leader, you are part of the “Ban Council”. This group will convene and vote upon all members and / or staff issues that can potentially result in a ban from the SGC.

  • Report all changes for Staff positions under your platform to the Gaming Operations Manager over your Division.


Platform Specific Responsibilities

  • Report your clan membership numbers of all your clans to your Gaming Operations Manager each week. (This applies to Console Division Leaders only.)

  •   Create new clans at your's and your GOM's discretion. (This applies to Console Division Leaders only.)

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