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SGC Players of the Week!! 06.22.2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

On Tuesday 6.22.2021 We hosted two POTW streams: one for NA and one for EU!! Another successful Tuesday for the SGC!!

Many of you attended both streams, which is an incredible amount of commitment to the community!! So thank you to everyone, also to pay that forward we have decided to double the loyalty point rewards of the winners that attend both streams. Nice little treat if you want to support the community stream.

Just a short post today to congratulate the winners. So without further delay, congratulations to:

SGC Players of the Week!

SENT | FearlesSEnergY (375) - DEVIL | Twitch_AjTheDon_ (355) - RIOT | ACHILLES ooo (315)

Remember, if you win 1st and attend the stream, you get silver in your pocket.

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the 10,000 Loyalty Points, they all earned for attending the stream, they will also get to sport their very own discord title for the next 7 days.

Additional Winners this Week include:

  1. Discord Users of the Week - Gentle Girth, Mr. GoodSaint, Fallkeys, MacTavish

  2. Discord Clans of the Week - Shrouded Storm, Souls, Void, Wardens

  3. Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded Reapers -7325

  4. Give it up for all the Honorable Mentions as well!!

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Since we're always looking to give you guys extra loyalty points, we have decided to start a new system where each clan can work together to get some serious loyalty point bonuses for each stream. For every 10 clan members that attend the stream, each of those members will receive 10,000 loyalty points! In addition to this, if your clan has the highest attendance for the stream, those point values will be doubled. So if you have 30 members attending, each member can receive up to 60,000 loyalty points!

With that being said, big shoutout to Shrouded Souls for having the most Clan Members attend the stream at 18 Members! Thank you for supporting the stream and let's keep pushing these numbers!

And a big shoutout to all of the clans that recorded attendance as well!!

Shrouded Souls - 18

Shrouded Void - 16

Shrouded Wardens - 15

Shrouded Storm - 12

Shrouded Destiny - 11

Shrouded Knights - 10

Shrouded Wolves - 9

Shrouded Riot - 7

Shrouded Outlaws - 5

Shrouded Anarchy - 3

If your not on this list, please report your numbers to me or Greener in DM :)

Sorry if I missed anyone :) Feel free to DM me/Greener and we'll add you to the list!!

A couple of Interesting Stats from the Stream!!

  1. Max Viewers - 91!

  2. Unique Viewers - 411!

  3. Average Viewers - 63!

  4. New Subscribers - 36!! This is amazing! - Shaxx

  5. New Followers - 12!

  6. Unique Chatters - 116!!

Great Results! Thanks to all the new subs and to those that gifted. Let's keep pushing those numbers so we can finally hit partner!

In this stream, we also did two 2300 silver giveaways:

EU Stream Winner: frostyaqua_

NA Stream Winner: TheBiggSexy

Some extra announcements and reminders:

  • July loyalty point giveaway will be an Xbox Series S - each ticket will cost 10,000 points, and you can buy up to 75 tickets for a maximum of 750,000 points! So stock up!

  • We will also have two Patreon giveaways for the toaster! See here for more info on both the Series S and Toaster giveaways!

  • Double loyalty points for watching and winning will be continuing throughout the month

  • Starting next week, everyone in the clan of the week that attends the stream will receive 50,000 loyalty points! Spread the word!

  • If we hit 150 viewers on stream, not only will there be a hawkmoon replica giveaway, but each person present on stream will also earn 100,000 loyalty points! That's enough to buy 10 tickets for the xbox series s!

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