Shrouded Gaming's Player of the Month Results - March 2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

Last night we hosted the SGC Player of the month Stream on our twitch channel. & it was incredibly fun!! It was a pleasure to host for you & thank you for the amazing amount of support given to us by all of you!! It truly was heartwarming to see you all attend.

Just wanted to write up a short post congratulating the winners. So without further delay Congratulations to; 1. SGC Staff Member of the Month - Sorrin Markov

2. Most Helpful Member of the Community - Aperezh1992

3. SGC Community Engagement Award - zNynfo

4. SGC Member of the Month - zNynfo

5. SGC Rookie of the Month - GentleGirth

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the Discord Title Role you will receive your choice of ; 1.Gamer Tag Branded SGC T-Shirt

2. $20 SGC Store Coupon

3. 20,000 Loyalty Points

4.1000 Silver in D2

I will be in touch shortly so you can pick out your prize!!

Additional Winners this month include;

  1. Discord Users of the Month - zNynfo & Tvvex

  2. Discord Clan of the Month - Shrouded Wardens & Shrouded Storm

  3. Sherpa of the Month - ThePerfectedHallow

  4. Destiny 2 Clan of the Month - Shrouded Souls

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Some Stream stats you might all be interested in!

  1. 2 Hype trains Last night!! 1 Level 5 & 1 level 4. Absolutely incredible, you guys are the real stars of the show.

  2. Vodka Catastrophe was played 4 times. SMH

  3. We had a subscriber high of 399 Total Subscribers, the highest we have ever been!! (So close to 400 LOL)

  4. Average Viewers of 93!!!! This is so incredible!! If we can keep this momentum up, we will have no trouble grabbing that partner title and starting our very own Official Twitch Stream team!!!

  5. 358 Unique Viewers!! That means 358 of you at least stopped by the Stream. Another incredible number!! Now if we can just get you to stick around for the crazy antics, we will be all set.

  6. We Maxed out at 129 Viewers!! Not our Highest, but still a pretty fantastic Number & So close to that replica Hawkmoon Giveaway!! We can do it!!

  7. Top Clips of the Night!! Number 1 & Number 2, NGL 2 is pretty funny lol.

Also, Shrouded Storm Came in Big Last Night With a Whopping 23 Members attending the SGC Community Stream!! So they Are the Official Winners of this Streams. Most Amazing SGC Stream Clan Awesomeness amazing Clan of the Week!! Award. Congratulations Shrouded Storm!! Also If you wonder why my name is changed on the PC Server. This is Why.

Big Shoutout to the other Clans that sent me their attendance!!

Shrouded Alliance - 15 (2 Honorary Members)

Shrouded Wardens - 13 Members

Shrouded Legion - 10 Members

Shrouded Destiny - 9 Members

Shrouded Souls - 15 Members

Shrouded Void - TBD

Shrouded IX - 3 Members

I am sure there were more!! But that's all that has been reported up until now. I will update with new numbers if I get them.

So a big shot out to the Community for making this one of the most successful streams we have had to date!! Let us continue this momentum forward into a new week & I hope to see all of you on the SGC Player of the Week Stream, This Tuesday at 8 pm EST on our Twitch channel here. Follow for notifications when we go Live!!

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