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SGC Recruiter



Face of the Community

You are out there representing the community on Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. It is imperative that you conduct yourself in a manner that is professional and mature, while maintaining the SGC core values at all times. 


Social Media

All Recruiters are expected to post regularly on Social Media.

  1. Tag us on Twitter @shrouded_gaming using our hastag #AreYouShrouded

  2. Post on our Facebook page

  3. Tag us on Instagram @shroudedgaming

  4. Add "SGC |" Tag to your social media accounts (Twitter & Insta)


Recruitment Post

Recruiters are required to have a regular recruitment post. Minimum of once per week on a recruitment platform - Reddit/Forums/Social Media

The SGC has a regularly scheduled post on on the Bungie Recruitment Forum - This forum is off limits to recruiters as we don't want to look like we are spamming the forums.


Discord Welcome Crew

As a recruiter you have access to the #discord-help channel. Most of the members in this channel will be new and looking for assistance.

Recruiters are responsible for assisting members in this channel should they require help.

Last but not least, we have a channel called #tell-me-about-yourself encourage people to use this channel by simply having a look once and awhile and responding to people that decide to introduce themselves to the community.

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