Shrouded Gaming E-Sports Summer Qualifier #1

The Shrouded Gaming E-Sports Summer Qualifier #1 is the First of 4 Qualifiers that will give you the opportunity to play in the Shrouded Gaming E-Sports Summer Apex Legends $500 Tournament found here.

Entry Fee $5 Per Player - $15 Per Team.

Good Luck!

1. All Players must a member of Shrouded Gaming & be in our discord 

2. Follow our twitter account for updates also so we can tag you in winning announcements.

3.A Minimum of 1 player on each team MUST be streaming the event. This link MUST be provided the day of the event in the #tournament-stream-links channel in the SGC Discord.

4.Stream Titles Must have the following somewhere in title "Shrouded Gaming Qualifier"

5.All teams must Use Apex Legends Tournament Voice chat in the Shrouded Gaming Discord during the tournament.

6. Pay Entry Fee Here

NO SHOW: Any player that is not ready to play within 10 minutes of the designated start time may forfeit the Match at the discretion of tournament officials. No-show requests must be submitted through the Discord server.  

PROOF OF RESULTS: All Players are Required to stream on twitch/youtube/mixer and provide screen-shots of your results for verification

SETTING UP YOUR  MATCH: Play For 2 Hours. Submit your Top 3 Matches - Each scored based on final results.

HOW TO WIN: Scoring Goes as Follows:

An Elimination = One Point

Placing First = 5 Points

In the Chance of a tie Damage from all 3 Games will be accrued to determine the winner.

Entry Fee Must Be Provided here Your application will be accepted once all 3 members of your team have paid the entry fee.

Top 5 Teams will automatically be entered into The Shrouded Gaming E-Sports Summer 2019 Apex Legends $500 Tournament on August 17th, 2019 @ 5pm PST.