SGC Staff Information

Shrouded Admin
Console Divsion Leader
Destiny 2 Division Leader[PC]
WoW Division Leader
Destiny 2 Admin
Division 2 Admin
WoW Admin
Warframe Admin
MHW Admin
LoL Admin
Anthem Admin
Diablo Admin
ESO Admin
WoW Officer
Destiny 2 Officer
Lead Sherpa
SGC Recruiter
Content Creation

Anyone with any of these roles in discord is a member of SGC staff and can assist you with anything that you may need.

  • Shrouded Admins keep an eye on all activity inside the SGC.

  • Division leaders oversee all aspects pertaining to their platform or game.

  • Admins oversee daily activity in discord and in game for their respective game and clan.

  • Officers are here to assist you inside your clan with anything you may need.

  • Lead Sherpa evaluate and train new Sherpas.

  • Sherpas help members with tough endgame content such as raids.

  • SGC recruiters are actively recruiting through social media and other outlets.

  • Content creators design and create different media for various areas of the SGC.