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Clan Wars Returns!!!

Clan Wars returns for a second AMAZING season starting May 24th, 2022! Clan Wars is a competition between SGC Clans focused on recognizing community involvement. Over the course of the competition all members of a Shrouded Gaming clan will contribute towards earning points for their clan through a variety of activities and can even help passively by simply playing the game! At the end of the Clan Wars season one clan will be crowned as Clan Wars Champions!

We've made some important changes to how Clan Wars points are earned this season. Here is Mister Wrecked to explain :

This infographic, created by our own Mr. GoodSaint provides an overview of how to score points.

Finally a PDF is available with a detailed explaination of how everything works.

Clan Wars SE0222 Event Document
Download PDF • 746KB

Get ready gamers, Clan Wars is coming!!!

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