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Community policy & rules

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Here within the Shrouded Community you can be sure to always find a staff member online and members to play with. We pride ourselves on what we have to offer and give back to our community and want to ensure noone ever goes unnoticed. We promote engagment of other clan members as well as just playing with people from shrouded on the same platforms. 


Our clan admins and officers are keeping a weekly log of who is active in game as well as who is active in the community discord server, this helps us to weed out the few who are only here for personal gain and reach more of the likeminded gamers who want to group up and play together. 


Shrouded Gaming Community and Game Activity Policy
If at any point you are removed from your clan, you can always reapply the same way you initially applied.

- Every Monday our clan admins purge the inactives from their clans

- Every Sunday our clan officers submit their activty logs to be reviewed
- 10+ Days in-game is cause for removal. 5+ is a warning.
- 14+ Days not active in discord is cause for removal. 7+ is a warning.

By keeping and staying true to this activity policy, everyone is always sure to find someone to play with, even if it isn’t in their exact clan. Our retention rates stay up and we foster a community wide involvement where any member can find the help they need or just people to play the game with that are of like mindedness and family oriented on a quick response system.


If you are caught breaking one of these rules, first offense is a warning issued directly from the staff member handling the report, second offense could result in temporary punishment and third offense will result in a ban. Keep in mind if an offense is serious enough The SGC reserves the right to Ban without a warning.


  •  Offensive and NSFW content is strictly prohibited.

  •  No threats of violence and/or harassment even as a joke.

  •  No racism and/or discrimination. (Immediate Ban on first offense.)

  •  Avoid excessive use of profanity.

  •  Avoid sensitive topics prone to arguments (i.e. Religion, Politics, etc.)

  •  Don’t derail a channels topic.

  •  Don’t post links to sketchy places.

  •  No self-promotion (Twitch links, stream links, social media, etc.)

  •  Only speak in English.

  •  Do not openly argue with Staff and/or members (Discussions and debates are allowed.) If a disagreement arises, resolve in DM’s.

  •  Refrain from spamming (i.e. +1, 10char, rickrolls, etc.)

  •  Other off limit content: Copyright material such as magazine scans, solicitation, begging, auctioning/selling, raffling, advertising, consoles wars and personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.)

  •  Do NOT Circumvent the Moderation Bots. 

No Exceptions! No one is exempt from the rules.


If you catch anyone, even someone with a Staff role, please report them to a member with an aforementioned role with evidence to your claim (screenshots or a second and/or third voice if caught in a voice channel.)


Anonymous Report a Member link


The SGC reserves the right to record any and all conversations*

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