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Grab a partner and get ready to compete in Crimson Days!

The Shrouded Gaming Community is proud to present Crimson Days 2022!!! It's time to enter the Crucible shoulder to shoulder with your best battle buddy and revel in the glory of 2v2 player versus player combat. Will you celebrate victory together, or mourn defeat alone? Crimson Days will take place starting at 1:00pm EST on Saturday, February 19th. A second session will take place, if needed, at 1:00pm EST on Sunday, February 20th. This event is a seeded, double elimination, tournament. The format is 2v2 elimination, with a predetermine map rotation. There will be no weapon, armor or ability bans so feel free you bring your sweatiest, most over powered, PVP loadouts. If there are at least 8 teams from the PC division and 8 teams from the Console division the tournament will be broken down into separate brackets. The winners of each bracket will then face off to determine the ultimate winner.

Full rules are included in the event packet below.

Crimson Days Event Packet
Download PDF • 721KB

Sign up for the Crimson Days 2v2 PVP Tournament through the following form:

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