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Player of the Week, Play to Win!

New Year, New Shrouded!

With the New Year comes new changes for our great community. First of which is our new and improved Clan Wars! Second, which I will be detailing today is our weekly rewards given out during our Player of the Week stream each Tuesday.

Going forward we will be offering more incentives to earn those weekly rewards and giving out more of them in the process! In addition to loyalty point rewards, each Player of the Week winner, Discord users of the Week (text and voice) and our Honorable Mentions for each clan will earn a ticket if they are present in stream, for a raffle of silver at the end of the month!

Players of the Week will be eligible for 12000 ($100 USD) worth of silver, while Discord users and Honorable Mentions will be eligible for 6000 ($50 USD) worth of silver, all for your platform of choice! Each member can have tickets in each category, eg: if you are Player and Discord user of the Week you will get 1 ticket for each raffle, provided you are in the stream to claim them at the time.

The next year in the SGC is looking bright! So get out there and show your support for our community by being super active in every facet that we have available and you could win BIG! Good luck to you all and happy grinding!


This will be on a month by month basis depending on SGC funds during the given month.

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