PS4 Gambit Prime Tournament

Updated: May 12, 2019

Hello and Welcome to the First ever Shrouded Gaming Gambit Prime Tournament!

This is an Official SGC Event, All Discord Rules still apply. All games will be streamed via Twitch and shared via Discord The Championship winners will receive a Special Role in Discord that identifies them as the Champions for One Month.

Scheduled Dates and Times:

(All times are in Central Standard)

Kick off

  • June 14th - 7:00pm 15th & 16th - 12:00pm


  • June 21st - 7:00pm 22nd & 23rd - 12:00pm

Championship Match

  • Saturday June 29th - 5:00pm


  • Teams will be compiled of 4 players, all randomly selected and will be announced the first week of may. You are REQUIRED to have an additional 5th player from another team in the tournament to play as your Sub-in in the occurrence of one of your teammates not being eligible.

  • Game Schedule will be locked on June 13th.

  • Each match will be a best of 3, Teams will alter who picks map.

  • If in the event two or more of your players are ineligible to play you will forfeit your match. No exceptions.

  • If a player is caught using any of the below restricted items, they forfeit that match.

  • Playoff Games will restrict Exotic weapons. Championship Match will Restrict Exotic Weapons and Armor

  • Trash-talking is expected and allowed, so long as it is not degrading, harassing or derogatory.



Jotunn - Lord of Wolves - 1K Voices - Wardcliff Coil Queensbreaker - Prospector - Fighting Lion


Titan -

Insurmountable SkullFort - One Eyed Mask - Ursa Furiosa - Doom Fang Pauldron

Hunter -

Celestial Nighthawk - Shards of Galanor - Gwisin Vest - Orpheus Rig

Warlock -

Skull of Dire Ahamkara - Phoenix Protocal - Geomag Stabilizers

Lets have fun, have a good time and represent our Shrouded Gaming Community!


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