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Ready up, Guardians: Clan Wars Is Coming

Clan Wars as we know it has been reworked! While this revamped version does account for in-game activity, it focuses primarily on recognizing community involvement. Over the course of 3 months all members of a Shrouded Gaming clan will contribute towards earning points for their clan through a variety of activities and can even help passively by simply playing the game! At the end of the Clan Wars season one clan will be crowned as Clan Wars Champions. Read on for more details and a preview of the rules. I. Event Length

Clan Wars is a 3-month event starting and ending on Tuesday reset. The tentative schedule for 2022 is:

Clan Wars Season 1: 1/4/2022 – 4/4/2022

Clan Wars Season 2: 4/4/2022 – 7/5/2022

Clan Wars Season 3: 7/5/2022 – 10/4/2022

Clan Wars Season 4: 10/4/2022 – 1/3/2023

*Note that this schedule is subject to change.

II. Playing Destiny 2

Players can earn points for their clan passively simply by playing Destiny 2 and completing milestones that award powerful or pinnacle engrams.

Activity will be monitored via D2 Checklist in the same way as Player of the Week. Every Tuesday, PoTW scores will be reviewed for each clan to determine the median individual score across all participating SGC clans. Any clan with at 50% of their membership at or above the median PoTW score will be awarded 5 Clan Wars points.

20 Potential Points Per month

5 per week – 50% clan members >SGC median SGC PoTW score

III. Special Monthly Events

Monthly events will coincide with each season of Clan Wars. Players can earn Clan Wars points for their clans in addition to whatever rewards are tied to individual events. Clan Wars point awards are based primarily on having the most clan members participating in the event, but some points are tied to individual event performance.

Event Attendance

Clans will earn points based on how many of their members are participating in an event. The three clans with the most participants will each earn 20 points.

Event Placing

Individuals can earn Clan Wars points for their clans based on their performance in an event. Placing in the top 3 earns 5 points. In the case of team events, clans may earn 5 points for each of the top three teams containing their members.

Potential Points

20 per event – Top 3 clans based on most event participants

Up to 15 per event – Top 3 event performance

IV. Community Stream Participation

The community stream is an important part of the Shrouded Gaming Community experience, and clan can earn Clan Wars points through stream participation. Points will also be awarded based on winners during the Player of The Month stream. Finally, Loyalty Points may be spent to buy Clan Wars points.

Stream Attendance

Clans that can rally their members to participate in the stream will be awarded with Clan Wars points. If 15% of a clan’s membership posts their clan tag in the community stream twitch chat that clan will earn 5 points. EU clans get a small break based on time zones and will earn their points if 10% of their membership shows up.

Player of The Week

All 5 winners of Player of The Week earn 3 points for their clan.

Player of The Month

The three clans that submit the most legitimate nominations for Player of The Month will be awarded with 5 points. What counts as a legitimate nomination is at the discretion of SGC leadership. All winners of the 5 Player of The Month categories earn 5 points for their clan.

Spending Loyalty Points

During any community stream players may spend 500,000 Loyalty Points to buy 1 Clan Wars point. Participants are free to give their Loyalty Points to each other to afford Clan Wars points. Clans may only earn up 5 Clans Wars points in this manner per stream.

Potential Points

5 points – 15% of clan members posting clan tag in Twitch chat (10% for EU clans)

Up to 15 points – PoTW winners

5 points – top three clans by most PoTM nominations

Up to 25 points – PoTM winners

Up to 5 points – Spending Loyalty Points

Details on upcoming events and prizes still to come. Stay tuned for more news, Shrouded!

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