Season of the Hunt Clan wars Launching November 17th 2020

Updated: Feb 6

Yes Clans Wars are RETURNING to Shrouded Gaming and we are excited to bring you our vision of what they look like. So Lets Talk About how they are going to work.

  1. There will be 5 - 2 Week Brackets were clans will go 1 v 1 against each other for 2 weeks.

  2. Clans will be randomly chosen - Which the same clans can face once another more then once in a season.

  3. Every 2 weeks a winner will be declared. Winners receive 5 Points. (Must have at least 10 submissions).

  4. Losers receive 3 points. (Must have at least 10 submissions).

  5. In the event of a Tie both teams will receive 4 Points.

  6. In the event of an uneven number of clans, there will be a BY* for every bracket. If your team has a BY* you must still submit @ least 10 screenshots to automatically receive your points. (TL;DR - Its not a complete BY* you must still work for your free points.)

  7. In the last 2 weeks the Top 5 Teams will battle it out in a free for all for the title.

  8. Title Name Will be based on each season - IE [Redacted] Clan Wars Winners.

How do you receive Points:

  1. View the list of activities and points associated HERE

  2. Group Up with clan members (Must be all from Shrouded Gaming Clans) for said activities - Take a screen shot with nameplates visible @ the end or close to the end of the activity.

  3. Minimum Fire teams of 3. For any Activity - All Members of your Fireteam must be from Shrouded Gaming Clans.

  4. Only Full runs will count towards points - Half runs and checkpoints will be considered as cheating. (Refer to Rule 6 for more information regarding cheating.)

  5. Clans Can Team up and split points if a full clan Fireteam cannot be found. All Fireteam Members must be from Shrouded Gaming. Points will now be calculated per clan member rather then points me team.

  6. In the Event that multiple clans are partaking in a clan wars event, a screenshot must be taken & submitted for each clan involved. For Example if Shrouded Souls & Shrouded Knights team up for a DSC Raid, 4 from Souls & 2 from Knights. 2 Screenshots would need to be submitted with the Caption on screenshot #1 Saying SOULS DSC x 4 & Screenshot #2's caption would read Knights DSC x 2.

  7. Activities with full clan fireteams will recieve a x1.5 point multiplier for each activity completed.

  8. We will be checking activity history of any suspicious submissions. The entire clan will forfeit the current weeks bracket & receive Zero points if caught cheating. (Don't ruin things for the rest of your clan)

  9. Submission can be posted in clan-wars-submission-page in the Destiny 2 Category in on your respective platform server.

  10. From there a Clan Wars Mod will tally your points and add it to a Leader Board.

  11. Every 2 weeks the Leader board will be updated with the winners and there points

What are the rewards?

  1. Well Every 2 weeks you will have the right to gloat against your losing opponent.

  2. You will receive a special discord title if you are in the winning clan at the end of the season.

  3. The winning clan will have a custom made SGC Shirt that will be available for purchase at the SGC Store

  4. Highest clan from each platform during the finals will receive a discord title.

All information can be found here.

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