SGC Player's of the Week 3.16.2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

Last night we hosted the SGC Player of the Week Stream on our twitch channel. & it was incredibly fun!! Thanks to everyone that attended :)

Just wanted to write up a short post congratulating the winners. So without further delay Congratulations to; 1. SGC Players of the Week! IX I DarkRepulser - 435 / SHDY I SirScumbagSeth - 435 / WRTH I xXACECOMBATXx - 365

Even though there was a bit of confusion regarding the Winner it has been determined that Dark & Seth will share the title again this week.

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the 5000 Loyalty Points they all earned for attending the stream, they will also get to sport their very own discord title for the next 7 Days. Additional Winners this Week include;

  1. Discord Users of the Week - zNynfo, Mr.GoodSaint, Porksword, & Chiefjustice

  2. Discord Clan of the Month - Shrouded Wardens, Void, Storm, & VII

  3. Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded Knights

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Also as most of you are aware I had to dye my hair last night!! Below is the result. Hope you enjoy.

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