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SGC Players of the Week!! 05.04.2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

On Tuesday 5.04.2021 We once again hosted 2 Streams this week. One for NA and one for EU!! Another successful Tuesday for the SGC!!

Many of you attended both streams, which is an incredible amount of commitment to the community!! So thank you to everyone, also to pay that forward we have decided to double the loyalty point rewards of the winners that attend both streams. Nice little treat if you want to support the community stream.

Just wanted to write up a short post congratulating the winners. So without further delay Congratulations to; 1. SGC Players of the Week! SHDY | SirScumbagSeth - RIOT | Qxice - VOID - LeRiffMencer

Remember, if you win 1st and attend the stream, you get silver in your pocket. So Congratulations to Seth for claim his silver this week, and LAST1!

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the 10000 Loyalty Points, they would have all earned for attending the stream, they will also get to sport their very own discord title for the next 7 days. Additional Winners this Week include;

  1. Discord Users of the Week - zNynfo, Crump, Slade, & Hi am Mactavish

  2. Discord Clan of the Month - Shrouded Wardens, Void, Storm, & VII

  3. Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded VII

  4. Give it up for all the Honorable Mentions as well!!

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Big Shoutout to the Best Clan Ever!!! SHROUDED SOULS - For having the most Clan Members attend the stream at a big 21Members, A big thank you from me personally!! And a new Clan Title!! Could you imagine if every clan had 20 Attendees!!! Lets keep pushing for these numbers!!

Shout out to all the clans that recorded attendance!!

Shrouded Fury - 6

Shrouded Guardians - 1

Shrouded Storm - 9

Shrouded Outlaws - 9

Shrouded Rangers - 1 (I know I saw more than this )

Shrouded Riot - 10

Shrouded Wardens - 9

Shrouded Destiny - 9 Shrouded Wolves - 8

Shrouded VII - 6

If your not on this list, please report your numbers to me in DM :)

Sorry if I missed anyone :) Feel free to DM me and I'll add you to the list!!

A couple of Interesting Stats from the Stream!!

  1. Top Clip of the Stream SMH

  2. Max Viewers - 97!

  3. Unique Viewers - 314!

  4. Average Viewers - 75!

  5. New Subscribers - 18!!

  6. New Followers - 9!

  7. Unique Chatters - 130!!!! This is an amazing thing.

Great Results! We continue to push for over 75!! Now if we can push that up for like 2 months we can probably apply to be a partner LOL. KEEP IT UP!

Player of the Month Stream is Tomorrow!!! 8PM EST. Be there!! ShroudedGC Twitch

Player of the Week next week will take place a day early on Monday, May 10th due to the new season dropping on May 11th. ShroudedGC Twitch

Remember to watch as many streams as you can over the next month to earn tickets for our Oculus Quest 2 Giveaway!!

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May 10, 2021


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