SGC's Crimson Days Tournament


Since Bungie has vaulted Crimson Days for the foreseeable future, the SGC will offer an alternative to you all. The SGC Crimson Days event!

It'll be a double elim event where teams of 2 can compete against one another for victory! The contest rules are as follows:

1. Each match will be the best of 7 rounds like the Crimson Days of old.

2. XBOX & PSN Only The only things that will NOT be permitted are Arbalest, Glacier Grenadas and Swords (to prevent 3 peeking as much as possible)

There will be no restrictions on PC

3. Each team will have 2 chances to win as it is double elim. If you are eliminated one game you have a chance to fight for victory one more time, after that you are out of the competition.

4. There will be a cash prized of $20 in silver ($10 for each member of the winning team) and a discord role and color (name and color pending)

TBD We are also looking in SWAG for the Winner & will be announced at a later time.

5. Last but not least, have FUN! If you are interested Please Register your team at the Link Below.

The Matches Will Take Place on February 12th & February 13th From Reset & into the evening. Times Will Be announced Once we have all the teams registered.

Register Here

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