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Shrouded Gaming Presents: SGC Monthly Activity Challenge! Cash Prizes!!!

Starting In February the SGC will Activating a Monthly Activity Challenge. This Challenge will consist of Different Destiny 2 In game Activities that will need to be completed with other members of Shrouded Gaming's Destiny Clans. (Any Clan within the Shrouded Umbrella)

There will be 3 Different Activities Chosen Each Month & One Static Activity that will Never Change.

1 - 6 Man PVE Activity

1 - 3 Man PVE Activity

1 - PVP Activity

1 - Watching the Weekly/Monthly Community Stream ( )

How do you Enter??

  1. Enter on of the Chosen Activities with other Members of the SGC (Announced on a new Blog Each Month)

  2. Take Screenshots of said Activity with members names Visible (Don't always Take Shots of the scoreboard, its boring)

  3. Tweet Said Screenshot at the Chosen Hashtag for the Month of Twitter, also announced Monthly on the Blog (Don't have Twitter?? Its the only way to enter, & its free)

  4. If you have an entry from the Stream, you simply need to take a screenshot of the stream & send it to the hastag.

  5. You can enter up to 10 times per week once per activity.

What Do you Win??

Each Month 4 Random Members will be chosen from the Tweets - Each Will Receive A Cash Reward of $75. Sent to there Paypal Account (Paypal is Mandatory)

How do we chose the winners

Its a completely Random Draw From Tweets to the chosen Hashtag - The tweet will be reviewed then the Winners Will Be announced.

When Will the Winners Be announced.

During the SGC Monthly Community Stream. Check out the Event Calendar for the Next Monthly Stream.

Hosting events like this have a lot of time investment and financial costs please consider supporting the SGC and our Events by becoming a Supporter HERE

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