PlayStation 5 Giveaway

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Hello & Welcome to the SGC Special Patreon Giveaway. Its not very often that we pass into a new Generation & Shrouded Gaming Has taken the Opportunity to grab an Additional PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Pre-Order & We Plan on Giving it Away on November 14th @ 9pm EST Live on Stream @

How Do I enter?

1. Sign up for the SGC Patreon.

2. From Today to November 14th, each month you are signed up will provide you with a set amount of tickets based on your level of subscription.

- SGC Supporter Tier = 1 Ticket Per Month

- Shrouded Super Supporter Tier = 2 Tickets Per Month

- Shrouded Super Awesome Supporter = 5 Tickets Per Month

- Elite Tier = 12 Tickets Per Month

- Shrouded Elite Tier = 25 Tickets Per Month

- Tickets will Cap out at 25 per month, so if you sign up for a higher tier 25 will be the max accumulated.

- For Example if you Sign up today for Shrouded Super Awesome Supporter You Will Instantly Earn 5 Tickets & each consecutive month will earn you an additional 5 for a total of 15 when the draw takes place.

3. Watch the Stream on November 14th to see if you Win.

In the Event that our Pre Order Gets cancelled (This happened to me with my PS4) the winner will receive $399USD Transferred to their PayPal account, to purchase a PS5 whenever they become available. Any current patrons will not need to sign up again in September, there tickets have already been calculated. Should you wish to upgrade for more tickets your new Tier will be taken into account. While you are on our Patreon Page, please feel free to browse the other benefits of each tier & take advantage of them should you sign up.

Thanks Everyone & good luck.

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