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Shrouded Gaming's 24 Hour Extra Life Stream for the Children.

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

Today we are proud to announce Shrouded Gaming's Participation in the Extra Life Game Day Event Taking Place on Saturday, November 6th, 2021. We will be hosting a 24 hour Live Stream FULL of content from the community live on our Twitch Channel

Shrouded Gaming is on a mission to play games to help change kids' health. We've each chosen our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. With 170 hospitals to choose from, each location treats thousands of kids annually, regardless of their illness, injury, or family's ability to pay. Please join the SGC in helping these amazing kids get through the most difficult time of their lives!

You can also join our Fundraising team and stream on game day to raise money for the community!! Make sure you hit us up on the socials if you do so we can promote your stream! Join our Extra Life Stream Here you can also donate using this link.

Here is the schedule.

8:00 - AGreeNer Stream Start STUFF - Explanation - Talking 9:00 - AGreeNer Fun - Giveaways - Nonsense

10:00 - Superawesome488 Stacked Iron Banner

11:00 - GXD_Reaper, PSX_Brook, ??? Any low man raids

12:00 - xXSoulDust3RzXx Random Loudout IB

13:00 - FURY (Xia/Snow) Raid (VoG)

14:00 - FURY (Xia) Jackbox

15:00 - AGreeNer Orange Hair Dye Session

16:00 - xXSoulDust3RzXx Vanguard Zombies First impressions

17:00 - Rather Fancy Cat Risk of Rain 2: Electric Boogaloo. Misery time. 18:00 - RockieGO In Sound Mind

19:00 - shadowstink The Division (Legendary missions)

20:00 - Sorrin and some degens Carry someone from stream in a raid (probably a VoG)

21:00 - Mr GoodSaint Back 4 Blood w/chat or public

22:00 - Lavender + Nighatos +2 VII playing the new DRG update

23:00 - DarkRepulser +2 3 man VoG

0:00 - AGreeNer Midnight Wii Fit

1:00 - AGreeNer AM Just Dance

2:00 - AGreeNer Amnesia Rebirth

3:00 - AGreeNer Phasmophobia

4:00 - AGreeNer Euro Truck Simulator

5:00 - Rather Fancy Cat Loses his insanity by face-planting on JumpKing

6:00 - Rather Fancy Cat Calm Raft Session w/ Green and Community 7:00 - AGreeNer Stream End Stuff It wouldn't be an SGC stream without some benefits for watching Along & this stream will be NO exception!!

At the top of the hour EVERY Hour The SGC will be hosting a giveaway. Giveaways can include;

SGC Loyalty Points - Can be used for Giveaways Here

Random Steam Games

Destiny 2: Witch Queen DLC

Shrouded Gaming Extra Life Special Edition Tee's (Design to Be Finalized Before November 5th)

SGC Loyalty Points will be doubled from all sources for the entire 24 hours. You can FInd those sources HERE

On top of this, we will have Viewer Goal Giveaways. (Giveaway to be hosted in the last hour to confirm Numbers, but will be an average of the entire stream)

100 Average Viewers - Custom Guardian/Name Destiny 2 Light (See Photo) Have your name or title listed below your custom Destiny character.

150 Average Viewers - Cayde 6 Statue from The Bungie Store.

200 Average Viewers - Lifesize Hawkmoon Model

250 Average Viewers - Lifesize Last word Model

300 Average Viewers - Lifesize Thorn Model

These are lofty goals, but we have 12,000 members in this community and over 3000 actives in our destiny clans. Watch and enjoy the festivities or lurk & possibly secure yourself one of these prizes, ALL VIEWER GOAL PRIZES CAN BE WON BY ANYONE ATTENDING THE STREAM Regardless if you are present or lurking.

So please join us on November 6th, to celebrate Shrouded Gaming & the amazing children around the world!! Also Keep in mind that Gameday may be on November 6th, but you can donate to game day anytime before and after then up to January 2021. Check this LINK for Details.

See you on the 6th at the Shrouded Gaming Twitch Channel!! Bye for now.

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