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Shrouded Gaming's Best of the Best: Players of the Week! 4.18.2023

Welcome to the SGC Player of the Week blog! It's time to celebrate and honor the amazing members of our community who have stood out from the crowd with their incredible gaming achievements, dedication, and positive contributions to our community. We're thrilled to announce our winners for this week, but before we dive in, let's take a moment to appreciate the passion and hard work that goes into creating a community as special as ours. Whether you're a veteran player or a newcomer, your presence and support make all the difference, and we're grateful for each and every one of you. So let's get hyped, congratulate our winners, and keep spreading the love and positivity that makes the SGC community so amazing! Now then, let's get into this weeks winners!


Congratulations to our:

Community Players of the Week

[SLS] Crunchscura

[WARD] Milk9190

[LGIN] ItzDraiden

[WRTH] Toodely Doo

[DISC] g1ngern1nja2003

D2 Players of the Week

[IX] strange goblin thing

[SENT] Fuzeman360

[WRTH] Maddoghalo1

[DEVL] Slender644

[DISC] Frostbite

Honorable Mentions

[SGN] aammbitiouss

[ANRC] Vyx

[STRM] Lorenas

[KOTR] shadowstink

[DGEN] heresy0_0y

[SENT] Abishaal89

[CATS] never_usefu1

[WOLF] Atebawl

[DEVL] CrimsonRaven28

[SOL] hoppefalcon

[REAP] HolyFluffyEwok

[FURY] Burak

[VII] Fuyu.

[SIVA] whiteyford212

[IX] Tigur

[SPAR] parnfal01

[SHOT] Apathy1155

[DAWN] aperezh1992

[OMEN] Kryptic5256

[BOOP] Wing-7

Honorable Mentions

[BOOP] prestige`

[SPAR] Gldeonhawke

[WARD] grazer27

[FURY] tyko

[SLS] kstucks

[SGN] Bone Structure

[STRM] Lorenas

[SOL] RoCkStaR8039

[CATS] MoDziLLuh

[ANRC] DragonDeBalz

[VII] FunkFingers

[WOLF] Omnicron4331

[DGEN] BrokenEarth

[SHOT] Ali G

[SIVA] $hēēVş

[REAP] Prophet

[KOTR] Kumori_Ky

[LGIN] oddlyducky1

[DAWN] C A R T E R3414


Community Clans of the Week

Shrouded Wardens

Shrouded Souls

Shrouded Anarchy

Destiny 2 Clans of the Week

Shrouded VII

Shrouded Guardians

Shrouded Anarchy

Discord Users of the Week (Text)




Discord Users of the Week (Voice)

Hi am MacTavish



Discord Clans of the Week (Text)

Shrouded Omens

Shrouded Wardens

Shrouded Celestials

Discord Clans of the Week (Voice) Shrouded Storm

Shrouded Celestials

Shrouded Anarchy

Winners must attend the POTW stream held every Tuesday at 6:00PM EST to claim their rewards!! To learn how YOU can earn these titles and get some sweet rewards, check out this other short article!


And now for our clan stream attendance stats! These numbers correspond to how many members of Shrouded put their clan tag in the twitch

chat during the POTW stream!



NA Division

Anarchy : 17

Catastrophe : 2

Degenerates : 2

Guardians : 1

IX : 4

Perfected: 0

Reaper : 6

Souls : 5

VII : 2

Wraiths : 1

Xbox Division

Dawn : 4

Omens : 14

Celestials : 22

Wardens : 22

Wolves : 7

EU Division

Disciples : 3

Fury : 2

Outlaws : 3

Storm : 0

PSN Division

Devils : 4

Knights :11

Legion : 0

Sentinels : 1

Spartans : 1

You can help track attendance for you clan by putting your clan tag in the twitch chat of the POTW stream! Example: #ANRC | #DISC | #WARD | #KOTR


Loyalty Point Giveaways Don't forget to spend your hard-earned Loyalty Points on our store page! With our revamped reward system, you can now use your points to enter any of our amazing giveaways. Maximize your chances of winning by stocking up on tickets for one giveaway or spread your points across multiple ones. Don't miss out on this opportunity to win big! Click the link to enter and check out how to earn Loyalty Points. *How do you earn loyalty points? Check this link!


The SGC will be hosting its Own SGC Guardian Games in May. Stay Tuned for more details.


The Shrouded Gaming Community (SGC) now has a weekly show dedicated to providing the latest information about Destiny 2. The show is currently hosted by AGreeNer, with Mr. GoodSaint, Cpt_Gato, and Mister Wrecked as recurring guests. In the future, special guest stars may also be invited to the show. During each episode, the hosts discuss various topics, including:

  • The This Week At Bungie (TWAB) updates

  • Any new patch notes

  • Any new weekly content

  • Any relevant Destiny-related releases

  • Important Shrouded Gaming news

  • Announcement of our weekly giveaway winners

  • Announcement of our monthly giveaway winners (first Saturday of each month)

Below is a list of places where you can watch or listen to the show:

  • Watch it live on Patreon (Friday 7 PM EST):

  • Watch the recording (premieres @ 11 AM EST Saturday & VOD becomes available after the premiere):

  • Listen to it (release Saturday @ Noon EST) on:

Get your weekly dose of Destiny news with the SGC show - your go-to source for all things Destiny! Thank you!


"Light and peace go with you." -Lady Efrideet

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