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Surprise Event: Heart of Gold Awards

This past September, two of our Shrouded Admins -- Mr GoodSaint on console and A Rather Fancy Cat on PC, asked the SGC to help support and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer September. Our community was asked to go golden in-game and post our drip in the sgc-gold-drip channels. Well, the outpouring of support from our amazing community was overwhelming. Lots of folks posted some great pics, but certain guardians in particular nailed down their gilded glam to perfection. Greener and the Shrouded Admins have handpicked those they deemed "best-in-show" within each class and division, and are awarding them with a special role and icon.


Console Division: Hunter: DAWN | FierceGamer6997, Titan: VOID | DrVoidKnight, Warlock: KOTR | Coagulate.

PC Division: Titan: ANRC | SKoRN, Warlock: SHOT | Things, Hunter: ANRC | Jackolyte.


These ones caught Greener's eye specifically:

Hunter: ANRC | Jackolyte, Titan: ANRC | Fraken-Newbstein, Warlock: DISC | RockieGo

Congrats, you guys! Enjoy your exclusive role. (And yes, Octolyte, you got chosen twice. That hunter do be fire.) Again, to everyone who participated in the movement for this worthy cause, thank you. It was a simple ask, but we're grateful that people took part. You folks are the heart and soul of Shrouded. Hope to see everyone continuing to support these kinds of things -- there's always room for more good in the world. And while we're on the topic of worthy causes, do remember to check out all the ways you can back our SGC x ExtraLife Fundraising this year.

Whether it's being present at streams, buying ExtraLife merch, or outright donating, every little bit counts. Do it for the kids! Besides, the merch is pretty badass. ;)

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