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Videographer (VFX) Team Application

Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Graphics Team Application

Position Overview:

  • VFX Artists for the SGC will be creating eye-catching scenes, video intros, and / or streaming overlays for the SGC Stream Team. Creating quality content involves more than just the streamer in front of the camera, it takes a team working together towards a singular goal to make this happen. As the SGC expands with it’s new streaming team, we will need VFX artists to assist in making each and every stream come to life.

  • We will be looking for hobbyists, professionals, and even beginners -who are looking to garner more experience-, to teach each other, and grow our community. Each person who accepts a spot on this team can expect to obtain material which they can use for their resume, portfolio, and / or website to grow their skills and personal works. They will also be able to work with others who have the experience and tools needed to help them become more skilled at their trade. Along with VFX artists, we will also have still-image graphic designers along with the streamers themselves to assist in creating new, fresh content.

  • If this is something that you feel you have the skill-set for or wish to learn, please check out the requirements, goals, and responsibilities below!


  • Create personalized streaming assets for SGC content creators.

  • Forge new connections with like-minded artists.

  • Help grow experience of new artists within content creation teams.

  • Create high-quality videos and effects for SGC products and content streaming.

  • Create, edit, and produce videos for the SGC Twitch / YouTube channel(s).

  • Work in-tandem with SGC graphics team to help produce quality content.

  • Create unique video ideas for both the SGC channel and content teams personal channels.

  • Produce assets including but not limited to: videos, templates, layouts and visual standards for promoting activities across a variety of channels. These may include web, social media, and other events.


  • Prior content creation; portfolio available.

  • Create a 5-15 second Shrouded Gaming Intro / Demo.

  • Familiarity with resources and tools for VFX such as: Vegas Pro, Premiere, After Effects, Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, Divinci, along with any other tools you are familiar with to edit and create content.

  • Able to edit / create from others content such as importing C4D files into an After Effects Composition so as to order to keyframe and create videos from custom models. (If you have access to specific software, we have experienced members who can assist you in importing from different software with clear tutorials or other assistance.)


  • Communicate with the content creation team(s) to create and assist with project details.

  • Assist in teaching new VFX artists and hobbyists on how to better enhance their workflow, and on what resources they have available to them.

  • Come together to create new and attracting content for all of our creators

  • Other responsibilities may come about as the position expands.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, please apply below!


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