If this is something you are interested in, and you would like to contribute to the community, please apply! If you wish to obtain this position, but feel that you need a little help to fine tune your teaching ability / knowledge of anything beforehand, please reach out to any one of our Lead Sherpas and they will gladly assist you with whatever you need help with. Thank you for being a part of the Shrouded Community!


Whats a Sherpa first of all?


A SGC Sherpa is an experienced player and member of a SGC Clan who is approachable, willing to share their knowledge, and is a community leader by example. A Sherpa is an individual who has sought out the role, demonstrates the necessary aptitude, knowledge, and temperament to be an excellent teacher and representative of the community. A SGC Sherpa remains supportive, calm, and collected while mentoring and instructing others through any in-game content.

To become a Sherpa a player must apply for the role. The player will then be vetted and will be required to successfully complete a Sherpa Test, which includes leading a party, thoroughly and efficiently explaining mechanics of encounters, remaining calm under stress, and have the ability to diffuse negative situations should they arise. 


As a member of SGC Community Staff, a Sherpa is a fundamental component in guiding other guardians to undiscovered features and in-game content, while opening the door to new challenging adventures, leaving all fire-team members with a positive and instructive experience. 

I AM a Sherpa-ee

A Sherpa-ee is a guardian who has not cleared an activity and is in search of knowledge and/or guidance regarding said event. A guardian with minimal clears (0-4) of a specific activity is also considered a Sherpa-ee. 


A Sherpa Activity is any activity in which there is a Sherpa and a Sherpa-ee who enters the fireteam with the expectation of a transfer of knowledge and guidance or an activity which cannot be completed as a solo player. A Sherpa activity is conducted in full by the Sherpa

SGC Expectations of their Sherpas
  • As a Sherpa he/she should be approachable to all members of the SGC and guardians in Discord. Maintains a positive image within the community. 

  • Stays focused and delivers clear and concise explanations and instructions 

  • Willing and able to answer any questions that arise pertaining to the activity

  • Able to ease and diffuse fireteam tension and moderate disagreements 

  • Makes necessary adjustments based on weapon/armor loadout and skill level

  • Teaches standardized mechanics/strats i.e. No speed strategies during a Sherpa run.

  • Maintains fireteam focus to remain on task and limits distractions i.e Don’t get off task. Keep side conversations to a minimum

  • Progress guardians through repeated activities based on their skill level and/or experience

  • Ensures that the Sherpa-ee understands what his role is in each activity

  • Ensures that the Sherpa-ee is contributing positively to the activity

  • Strives to make each activity fun and engaging, leaving the Sherpa-ee with the desire to repeat the experience and share his positive experience with other

Other Requirements.

  • - All applicants must be 18 or older to apply.

  • - Be Amazing. Not a requirement, but highly encouraged!

  • - All Applicants must be extremely active on the SGC Discord server.