Revamp Goes Live February 2021

The SGC Is Launching a our "Revamped Members of the Month Program”

Each Month the following categories will have a winner selected

Each category will have different requirements & Selection Criteria:



SGC Member of the Month*

  1. Nominations from Peers

  2. Activity Within the Community

  3. Being Awesome

SGC Staff Member of the Month*

  1. Nominations from Peers

  2. Helping Clan Members

  3. Activity Within the Community

  4. Being Awesome


SGC Community Engagement Award*

  1. Nominations from Peers

  2. Amount of Discord Activity

  3. Being Awesome

SGC Rookie of the Month*

(Must Have Joined within the last 30 Days)

  1. Nominations from Peers​

  2. Amount of Discord  & Community Activity

  3. Being Awesome


Most Helpful Member of the Community*

(A Member That's always available to help out no matter what.)

  1. Nominations from Peers

  2. Community Activity

  3. Being Awesome 

​*Winners are selected based on Community Leaders.

What this means for everyone.

Everyone has the potential to win but we are Relying on Submissions from the Community to help make the decision. So if anyone at all makes an impression on you for any reason ( Doesn’t Matter the reason ) please feel free  to click the “Nominate” Button at the bottom of this page to submit a Form.


All Winners Have a Choice for their Reward

  1. Gamer Tag Branded SGC T-Shirt

  2. $20 SGC Store Coupon

  3. 20,000 Loyalty Points

  4. 1000 Silver in D2

Other Monthly Awards will be Distributed with other rewards.​

Discord User of the Month (Most Discord Messages, Non spam Channels) - 10,000 Loyalty Points (Must be on Stream) & Discord Title

Discord Clan of the Month - Most Messages Sent in Main Clan Chat - Bragging Rights

Discord Clan of the Month - Most Voice Minutes spent in Main Clan Chat - Bragging Rights

Sherpa of the Month - Most Submitted Sherpa Runs - 10,000 Loyalty Points (Must Be on Stream) & Discord Title

Destiny 2 Clan of the Month - Most Accumulated POTW Points (Reward TBD)

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