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What is a Destiny 2 Officer?

Role and duties of a clan officer for Shrouded Gaming:

As an officer for your clan you are expected to be a leader to members in your clan. You are responsible for welcoming new members and making them feel welcome. This means you should be known by all members in your clan. It is up to you to make members feel welcome and make sure they know what to do in the discord and how it operates. An officer is someone every clan member should feel like they can come to and get help with whatever it is they may need help with. This may include getting activities done inside the game or figuring out how to do something in discord. You should do your best to help clan mates complete tough activities that they need help with. If you are unable to assist them then do your best to help set them up with someone that is able to help. You are the face and voice of your clan.


Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Actively engaging your clan in any and all activities. As previously stated, you are the face of your clan. So welcoming new members in and actually playing with them is vital. We want all our members to feel welcome and included.

  • Staying positive and friendly at all times. I know this one can be a little difficult, so I ask if you feel you are rising in frustration over an issue, please bring it to the attention of your platforms division leader.

  • Crafting and molding potential and actual sherpas and recruiters for your clan. This means running raids with players, teaching and guiding them through the encounters, taking the time to help them to help others.

  • Announce Activities & Events regularly in clan specific chats. IE reminders for Player of the Month/Week, Nominations and Streams.

  • Timeline: PotW is Every Tuesday Night. Announce 2 hours before and as it is starting. PotM is the first tuesday of every month.

  • Politely encourage and promote constantly at least once or twice a week in your clan channel for players to nominate others for Player of the month. There is no limitation to how many times a player can submit submissions.


Tracking In-game and Discord activity

  • Discord activity :

  1. When tracking weekly discord activity you should be looking at these channels: Your platform discussion channel, gen-setup, raid-setup, and your respective clan channel. Some new members post in D2 discussion for their platform. Check here and lead them to the appropriate channel. You can think of discord activity as making an attempt to LFG and interact with the community inside the discord. Clan approval posts do not count for discord activity.

  2. You can track these channels each day (much easier) or go back and track them for the whole week. I find scrolling through these channels at the end of each day and marking each member down in the spreadsheet as I come across them much easier than searching for posts from each user.

  3. All members should be setup in discord before being accepted into the clan. Somehow some members have managed to get by this. All members of your clan should have their appropriate clan tag and roles assigned to them. If they do not you should fix this.

  4. If someone is not being active in discord, make an attempt to reach out to them and get them active. Reaching out can be done via discord or through your respective console. You are more likely to get a response on console.


  • In game activity:

  1. You can track this at . You should be making a mark in the spreadsheet for any member that has not been active in the past 10 days and sending them a warning. If they have been warned previously then there is no need to warn them again, they will be removed.

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