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AGreeNer's Quick Reviews - Final Fantasy 16 - 8/10

Final Fantasy 16 captivated my heart with its enthralling narrative, intriguing characters, and breathtaking visuals. Let's delve into the highs and lows that influenced my score.

Story & Performances: The narrative, albeit somewhat predictable, remained engaging. The journey propels players through uncharted territories; albeit linear at first, there's more exploration as the game progresses. Sadly, these expanses lack intriguing discoveries.

As for performances, the cast delivered impeccably. Clyde, Cid, Jill, and Benedicta showcased stellar portrayals, setting a high bar for immersion. Though the side characters could benefit further development, the primary ensemble held their own brilliantly.

Gameplay: The gameplay was satisfying. The build and ability diversity suggest multiple play styles, keeping things fresh. Boss battles stand out, not for their complexity, but for their awe-inspiring aesthetics.

Side Quests: Admittedly, these were a letdown. Although they occasionally provided insights into the broader world, they often felt more like hindrances than delights. A scant few offered valuable rewards, but the majority seemed like uninspired filler. For completionists, wading through lackluster side quests can be tedious.

RPG Elements: A crucial component for any Final Fantasy title, yet they seemed underwhelming here. While Clyde's abilities offered some build variety, the armor and weaponry system felt lackluster. Armor and weapon progression tied too closely to main missions, with few exceptions, which diminished player choice. Trinket equipping introduced some depth, but its impact felt minimal.

To end on a positive note, despite my criticisms, I truly cherished my time with FF16. It stands as a memorable title in the series, and my favorite since FF12.

My rating suffered a slight deduction due to the trophy unlock system requiring a game replay. A note to developers: please reconsider such mechanisms. They're more irksome than rewarding.

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