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#AreYouShrouded: SGC Staff Spotlight #1

I bet at one point or another you've seen the blue or yellow staff names on the Discord sidebar, or in one of the text channels, and wondered who certain people were in Shrouded. Well, luckily, we've decided to cover who's who in Shrouded Staff in this #AreYouShrouded blog series. I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of going around and asking a series of questions to some members of staff. Read on and if you've got questions of your own that you'd like to ask, don't worry! There's a form somewhere in this post where you may submit more questions so we can launch a live interview sesh with said member at a later date, either on Twitch or on Discord LiveStage. Kicking off the series is one of the first people I met the first day I joined the SGC server. If you're from the PC side of Shrouded, you're probably familiar with this guy yourself. He's been around for quite some time as a long-time member of the SGC in Shrouded Outlaws [SHOT].

IGN: Rather Fancy Cat

Real Name: Nuno

Location: Portugal Birthday: October '95, Scorpio Industry: IT - System Management and Programming How long have you been in the SGC Community?

As far as I remember, I joined the SGC back when Warmind was still the latest DLC. Season 3 of Destiny, mind you. Not the season of the warmind cells. What roles have you had in the SGC?

Regular Member, Sherpa, Officer, Admin, DL and now Shrouded Admin. Which role did you find the most enjoyable and which was the most challenging?

The one I have currently. Shrouded Admin. Although I don’t do much nowadays due to IRL Work and other personal stuff. I still try to be around the community, interact with everyone, and participate in Greener’s Stream.

What was your first memorable experience in Shrouded?

God, my first memorable experience was when I tried as hard as I could to get Sherpa of the month. I had the VOD of the announcement stream on my favorites on youtube.

20 something nominations on a singular person. Insane.

What would you say people know you for in your clan or community? Are you the reliable guy? The class clown? The meme lord? And why?

I believe that people know me mostly for not liking to be pinged. It's a meme, yes. But factual. I always have my discord with 0 notifications. If someone pings me. I’ll read it.

I believe that I am also a very reliable person. And also the main developer for our SGC Minecraft server.

What moment or achievement are you proudest of in your history playing D2?

Probably doing Riven legit while doing Petra’s Run. You wanna have nightmares? That’s how you do it.

What games, other than D2, do you play? League of Legends, Minecraft, Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, Skyrim, Risk of Rain 2, Gunfire Reborn, Lethal League Blaze, Starbound, A Hat in Time.

If you woke up one day to find your life turned into a video game, in which video game world would you prefer to live the rest of your life? Why?

Any game based on space exploration. Elite Dangerous would be one. No Man’s Sky is also good. I am a sucker for Space-related games.

While I've got you here, anything you want to promote?

I am not nearly as important to need to promote anything. But if I can, please play on the SGC Minecraft Server. Please. Also, I don’t stream as much, but if you could follow my Twitch? Twitch.Tv/CptGatoTV

Any final comments or special messages for the readers/the community?

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? **Message prematurely terminated.** (Gato... you dork.) Yep, this was short and sweet, but I hope you guys found it interesting and entertaining nonetheless. And hey! Don't forget: If you're interested in having more fun and learning more, you can submit your questions here. Looking forward to hearing from everyone! In the meantime, standby for the next edition of our #AreYouShrouded member spotlight. We'll be hearing from a certain person of interest from the SGC Console Fam!

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06 de abr. de 2022

Very interesting!! Keep ‘em coming !!

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