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February Activities - SGC Monthly Activity Challenge

6 Man PVE Activity = Leviathan (Any Mode) (Extra Entry for Special Challenge)

3 Man PVE Activity = The Ordeal (Any Difficulty)

3 Man PVP Activity = Survival

Stream Activity = Watch Community Stream

Tweet your Screen Shots to @shrouded_gaming using Hastags - #SGCFebChallenge & #AreYouShrouded . When Tweet Give us a short Blurb about what You are doing or something Special about your Session.

Extra Entry Possibility - Silly Things Like an All Rat King Calus - Or 5 Man Leviathan. Just something Silly, Have fun with it (We Won't be Picky)

That's it!! Get your Entries in - 10 Per week. For you Chance at Winning $75.

If you are not aware of the challenge or want some more details they can be found here . Make sure to read and Follow the rules.

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