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Graphics Team Application

Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Graphics Team Application

Position Overview:

  • GFX Artists for the SGC will be responsible for creating, editing, and maintaining a variety of design elements for the community as a whole. You will be part of a multi-member team responsible for the creation and management of the design elements utilized by the community. You will consistently be working in-tandem with a variety of people, all working towards the same goal. As this position expands, we will be looking for hobbyists, professionals, and even beginners -who are looking to garner more experience-, to teach each other, and grow our community.

  • As a member of this team you will have access to a variety of knowledge and resources from the fellow members of your team. Not only will this assist you in becoming a better designer for your personal projects, but you will garner material to utilize for your own portfolio. The GFX Design team will be one part of a trio of teams which will create a variety of content for the SGC and its members. If this is something you are interested in, look below for the requirements, responsibilities, and goals for this position!


  • Prior content creation; portfolio available.

  • Able to utilize Photoshop / Illustrator for easy sharing of content.

  • Create a custom Shrouded Gaming Logo with your personal watermark/digital signature.


  • Create logos, banners, and other design elements for the SGC.

  • Create personalized streaming assets for SGC content creators.

  • Forge new connections with like-minded artists.

  • Assist with updating the SGC website’s media resources.

  • Assist in new merchandise design.

  • Assist the other content creation teams with various projects.


  • Communicate with the other creation teams and assist with projects.

  • Make media thumbnails and any graphics the content team may need.

  • Assist with various needs in the GFX area of the SGC.

  • Help teach others how to improve upon their graphics design skills.

  • Contribute to the SGC content portfolio.

  • Work with the VFX Team to assist in producing quality content.

  • Design community merchandise, bringing fresh ideas forward.

  • Assist with new designs for the SGC website and other social platforms.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, please apply below!


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