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King's Fall Exclusive Discord Role

In honor of the Master King's Fall drop this week, the SGC is releasing our own limited edition Discord role.

And yes, it comes with its own set of fun challenges for you and the rest of your clan:

Here's how this works: 1. Submit proof of completion for all of the activities on the card by February 27, 2023. 2. Claim the role in the kingslayer-role-request forum once done. Found under the ACTIVE COMMUNITY EVENTS category. All tasks must be completed with a full clan fireteam. We suggest taking your time with it since it's meant to be a "check off tasks as you go" kind of thing. But hey, if you wanna be hardcore and be the first to claim the role, grind away, friend. We still highly recommend you occasionally get a Touch of Grass though.

"How would you know that I really did the activities?" This is where your epic clan staff comes in. Hello, you awesome admins, officers, and sherpas! Depending on the triumph, we'll require either a screenshot, a raid report link, or footage of the specific activity as proof. If you don't have a YouTube/Stream link, ask a member of your clan staff to sit in, watch the Discord stream, and verify the completion of the task. All other submissions will also be going to your lovely staff for them to compile. After you post the role request in the forum, leadership will confirm completions with your staff, and you'll be all set with that neon red crown.

Here is the list of triumphs and their descriptions:

Looking forward to seeing how many members from each clan can claim their conqueror's crown. In the meantime, happy hunting, guardians!

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