SGC Community Showcase

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What is it, and why are we doing it?

As the title states, welcome, to the SGC Community Showcase of SGC talent! This is our next big community event with the goal of showing off the coolest clips, pictures, drawings, or any other variation of “cool stuff” that the community is capable of! This can be moments from a video game, something you’ve done in real life, or anything else that your imagination brings to the table. If you can think of it, draw it, photo it, video clip it, or any other method, we want to see it!

Our community is both huge in its size and its variations of people who are our members. We have so many people here from all walks of life, all with a multitude of talents. We have students, career office / corporate folks, military veterans, police (active / retired), stay-at-home moms, and many other types of people within our community, all with a story to tell and things to share.

We do have a few simple rules and other important info for this community event, which are…

  1. Absolutely no NSFW content. Please, keep it PG-13 y’all, we got minors present.

  2. Submission can be on any topic, from video games to that real-life llama you saw in Africa that one time that licked your hand.

  3. Submissions are to be kept to a max of 5 minutes if in video format. If in photo / artwork form, keep it to one image / screenshot etc., no huge posts please.

  4. No troll posts. (We expect ‘em anyway, but please, don’t do it?)

  5. Submissions are open from December 1st to the 17th, with finals to be voted upon from December 22nd to the 28th.

  6. Rewards for the winner(s) are TBD. (Expect Free Subs/Swag/Loyalty Points)

We know that the Shrouded Community has a lot to show us, and we hope to see a lot of it! So bring your A-Game, crank up your inner badass, and submit some epic content! We hope to see you soon, and thanks, as always, for your continued support and contributions to this amazing community.

Have Fun!

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