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SGC Destiny Fashion Show

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!!

Destiny is a game with many challenging aspects, from raids and master raids, to Grandmaster Nightfalls and Trials of Osiris. But we all know what the true Destiny endgame challenge is, FASHION! Looking good while shooting aliens in the face has always been an important part of the Destiny experience. So the SGC is putting on a community wide fashion show!

There will be 4 different categories that you may choose to enter:

Best looking Titan

Best looking Hunter

Best looking Warlock

Most Fucking Ridiculous (the craziest ugliest stuff you can think of)

Each will have 1 winner who will earn a copy of The Witch Queen for their respective platform and a nice shiny discord role as well.


MUST BE IN AN SGC CLAN. You are allowed 1 submission per category and 2 if you are one of our Patreon Supporters. Post your submissions here in #sgc-destiny-fashion-contest with the category label. Please keep chatting to a minimum and only post your fashion submissions. Once submissions end we will compile all entries and we will put them up against one another in groups of 4 in twitter poles for YOU to vote on. Winners of each group will move on to the next round until a winner in each category is chosen.

So get on out there and show us your Destiny Drip and have fun with it!

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