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SGC Players of the Week!! 07.26.2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!! On Monday 7.26.2021 Our fearless leader hosted an amazing stream combining the NA and EU announcements!! We are still working out the kinks in optimal times and dates for the community stream. The extreme variation of time zones and work schedules, along with summer vacations, has had our attendance numbers a bit lower than normal. However, we continue to have a incredible amount of support from the community!! Thank you to everyone.

Greener is continuing to pay that forward with those double loyalty points to the winners that attended the live stream. Nice little treat for those who already support the community stream.


These streams are dedicated to acknowledging the individual members of our community who have been the most active over the past week grinding out activities in Destiny 2 as well as Clans and individuals who have been super active within our Discord servers, both PC and Console.

For detailed info on the point system that helps us calculate the winners each week, one of our outstanding members has put together this infographic for Season of the Splicer. Special thanks to CabalSieben for all his time and effort! *Please understand that as activities during the season come and go (i.e. Iron Banner, etc.) and as Bungie makes changes to certain events, so too shall our point scale be updated.*


Without further delay, let's acknowledge those amazing guardians who stacked up some incredible points this past week.

Congratulations to our SGC Players of the Week!

KOTR | NotTheMessiah

SGN | Valkyrie

SHOT | Fade

Remember, if you win 1st AND attend the stream, you get silver in your pocket!

So, Congratulations to YoLo Smallen Protector for claiming his silver this week.

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the 10,000 Loyalty Points they would have all earned for attending the stream, they will also get to sport their very own discord title for the next 7 days.

Additional Winners this Week

Discord Users of the Week - Froggy, Hi am MactavishXx, Mr. GoodSaint, zNynfo

Discord Clans of the Week - Shrouded Warden, Wolves, Storm, & Souls

Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded Immortals

Give it up for all the Honorable Mentions as well!!

Congratulations to:

DoomestosTV (16,500 LP),

Fr4gFronti3r (5 LP), and

LoneZenitsu (43,675 LP)

for being brave enough to try their luck with Greener's Wheel of Destiny and walking away with those loyalty points to added to their name!

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Big Shoutout to SHROUDED STORM for again having the most Clan Members in attendance to the stream with 11 Members. That's 2 continuous weeks. Each of those members who attended the stream will received a bonus 10,000 Loyalty Points!!!

Great job on winning those extra loyalty points. Thank you to all the clans that attended!! #SHOT Shrouded Outlaws - 1 #FURY Shrouded Fury - 9

#SGN Shrouded Guardians - 1 #IX Shrouded IX- 0 #SHRB Shrouded Rebels- 0 #SHIM Shrouded Immortals - 0 #WRTH Shrouded Wraiths - 1 #SLS Shrouded Souls - 5

#RIOT Shrouded Riot - 1 #KOTR Shrouded Knights - 6 #RANG Shrouded Rangers - 0

#SIVA Shrouded Perfected - 0

#REAP Shrouded Reapers - 1

#ANRC Shrouded Anarchy - 0

#WARD Shrouded Wardens - 6

#WOLF Shrouded Wolves - 2

#VOID Shrouded Void - 9

#LGIN Shrouded Legion - 1

#DEVL Shrouded Devils - 1

#SHDY Shrouded Destiny - 7

#SENT Shrouded Sentinels - 1

#VII Shrouded VII - 0

#SPAR Shrouded Spartans - 1

#BOOP Shrouded Squeakers - 0

A new system was implemented during last stream to track attendance which makes it super easy for everyone!!! All that is needed is for you to shout out your clan pride during the stream (i.e., #KOTR, #SLS, etc) and the bot will do the rest. EASY PEASY! Here's the catch, you need to stay in the stream for at least 30 minutes for the bot to count you.


If you enjoyed the stream, remember to share your experience with your clanmates during game chat. Make a mention of something funny from the stream in your clan chat. Hopefully they will ask you about it and join us for the next stream! Let's keep pushing these numbers up!!

Remember, the more clan members that attend, the more loyalty points you can earn for the month of July. How? Easy!

10 Members or More, each member will receive 10000 Loyalty Points Each.

20 Members or More, each member will receive 20000 Loyalty Points Each.

30 Members or More, each member will receive 30000 Loyalty Points Each.

40 Members or More, each member will receive 40000 Loyalty Points Each. ETC ETC ETC.

Clan with the Most members will receive Double the amount of Points Above. Hope this benefit helps you be able to get members to the stream

A couple of Interesting Stats from the Stream...

  1. Max Viewers - 54

  2. Unique Viewers - 142

  3. Average Viewers - 40

  4. New Subscribers - 17

  5. New Followers - 2

  6. Unique Chatters - 70

  7. Live Views - 218

Again, I know there are lots of things going on IRL but hopefully we will see these numbers shoot back up very soon. We continue to push for over 75 viewers. If we can keep that number up for like 2 months Greener can apply to be a Twitch partner LOL. KEEP IT UP!

***Things to look forward to in August***

As double Loyalty Points will continue it is definitely a great reason to pop in these streams, subscribe, grab a few bits, and rack up those points.

  1. July Bit Goal - Dance/Drinking in Drag community stream! (Goal: 100k Bits) We are already at 44.8% of this goal. Maybe we see an extra stream pop in before the end of the month. Otherwise, we had a lot of fun!

  2. July Sub Goal - Drinking Flawless Raid Marathon (Goal: 350 Subs) We are currently at 25.71%. That's 90 subs! Didn't make our goal but the support is extremely appreciated!!

  3. If we hit 150 viewers on stream, not only will there be a Hawkmoon replica giveaway, but each person present on stream will also earn 100,000 loyalty points!

For the next big SGC Giveaway you can enter to win a Pre-Ordered Steam Deck (64 GB)! Drawing will take place in August. More details about this coming soon!

I really look forward to seeing everyone at our next stream! You guys make this community great! Thank you!

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