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SGC Players of the Week!! 10.12.2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming Community!!!

Yesterday, we hosted another great SGC Player of the Week Stream! We broke the 100 viewer mark no problem and are continuing our push to partner! We also announced an exciting loyalty point giveaway happening next month, so read to the end for that! For now, here are our SGC Players of the Week!!


Congratulations to the SGC Players of the Week!

SENT | iSneakyPrime (510 Points)

IX | no more tags60 (485 Points)

SPAR | JozRoz (350 Points)

In preparation for the upcoming giveaways, we will be giving those that win SGC Player of the Week 50,000 loyalty points (if they attend the stream) for the next month! And of course, as always, the top SGC Player of the Week will also receive silver if they attend the stream.

In addition to this, if you receive SGC Player of the Week Honorable Mention (top in your clan), you will receive 20,000 loyalty points! For discord, the discord user of the week will receive 25,000 loyalty points, and those in the discord clan of the week will receive 25,000 loyalty points as well! Make sure to stay active and stop by the streams to collect these points!

Additional Winners

Discord Users of the Week - Slade745, Hi Am MacTavishXx, eRRaTiC HoSTiLe, Gentle Girth

Discord Clans of the Week - Shrouded Wardens, Void, Destiny, Storm

Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded Knights (7202 Points)

And, of course, congratulations to all the honorable mentions for this week!

Thank you to all the clans that attended the stream:

Shrouded Void - 23

Shrouded Riot - 15

Shrouded Storm - 11

Shrouded Sentinels - 11

Shrouded Wolves - 9

Shrouded IX - 7

Shrouded Wardens - 7

Shrouded Knights - 7

Shrouded Destiny - 7

Shrouded Souls - 6

Shrouded Anarchy - 4

Shrouded Fury - 3

Shrouded VII - 2

Shrouded Guardians - 2

Shrouded Outlaws - 1

Shrouded Spartans - 1

Shrouded Rangers - 1

Shrouded Devils - 1

Some stats from the stream:

Max Viewers - 117!!

Unique Viewers - 212!

Average Viewers - 81!!

New Subscribers - 20!

New Followers - 10!

Unique Chatters - 133!

In addition, we had 10!!! Vodka Catastrophes! Thank you all so much for the amazing support!


  • As mentioned earlier, this stream we announced our November Loyalty Point Giveaway: A 3070 Founders Edition!! More info will be available as the month closes out.

  • To get the latest updates for Loyalty Point Rewards and Giveaways, please check this link

  • Also, make sure to check out the SGC Fashion Show going on right now here!

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