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SGC - Players of the Week - 2/14/23

Another week, another group of winners! This season has been very entertaining compared to the last, and the story is just incredible. If you haven't done the final story mission and witnessed the newest cutscene, go do it! Bungie has always done a good job with their story telling, and now is no different. There was also a ViDoc released today, if you haven't seen it yet, it goes deeper into strand and the new features we'll be getting, such as buildcrafting 2.0. Check it out! Destiny 2 ViDoc: As Light Falls Now it's time we get right into this weeks winners!


Congratulations to our: Community Players of the Week FURY | Snow

ANRC | Vyx

WARD | LilithAmrath

DGEN | PurplePanda5212

DEVL | CrimsonRaven28

D2 Players of the Week ANRC | Dust_De2

SGN | DanTheOnlyy1

DEVL | grazer27

SENT | Waolx

DISC | Frostbite Discord Users of the Week (Text) WARD | ChaoticMason

WARD | TheSaintedN

SHOT | Falkeys Discord Users of the Week (Voice) STRM | HiamMactavish

WRTH | Yakob

WRTH | Tlyonic Community Clans of the Week Shrouded Anarchy

Shrouded Wardens

Shrouded Souls Destiny 2 Clans of the Week Shrouded Souls

Shrouded Anarchy

Shrouded Devils Discord Clans of the Week (Text) Shrouded Wardens

Shrouded Anarchy

Shrouded Outlaws

Discord Clans of the Week (Voice) Shrouded Storm

Shrouded Reapers

Shrouded Anarchy Winners must attend the POTW stream held every Tuesday at 6:00PM EST to claim their rewards!! To learn how YOU can earn these titles and get some sweet rewards, check out this other short article!


And now for our clan stream attendance stats! These numbers correspond to how many members of Shrouded put their clan tag in the twitch

chat during the POTW stream!



NA Division

Anarchy : 19

Catastrophe : 2

Degenerates : 3

Guardians : 3

IX : 1

Perfected: 0

Reaper : 7

Souls : 7

VII : 1

Wraiths : 2

Xbox Division

Dawn : 5

Omens : 11

Void : 15

Wardens : 23

Wolves : 5

EU Division

Disciples : 8

Fury : 6

Outlaws : 9

Storm : 6

PSN Division

Devils : 5

Knights :12

Legion : 0

Sentinels : 0

Spartans : 2

You can help track attendance for you clan by putting your clan tag in the twitch chat of the POTW stream! Example: #ANRC | #SHOT | #WARD | #KOTR


Loyalty Point Giveaways We've made some massive changes to our Loyalty Points and reward system and you can now enter any and all of these giveaways with your Loyalty Points! You could stock tickets into one giveaway for a greater chance of winning, or you could drop a few in each and get extra lucky... ENTER HERE *How do you earn loyalty points? Check this link!


SGC Crimson Days The Shrouded Gaming Community invites you to light the fires of camaraderie by participating in CRIMSON DAYS!

Starting January 31st, you can begin leveling up your EVENT PASS by completing challenges and earning rewards along the way. Then join us on February 25th at 1:00pm EST for our annual Crimson Days 2v2 PVP Tournament (with it’s own separate prize pool).

A few notes on the challenges:

Crimson Days Transmog: Your transmog must include red or pink. It can only include red, pink, white and black.
Craft Any Bow: A bow you have previously crafted counts for this event. The craftable bows currently in the game include Fel Taradiddle (Witchqueen - Wellspring), Under Your Skin (Season of the Risen – PsiOps Battlegrounds), and Tripwire Canary (Season of the Seraph – Heist Battlegrounds).
Fight Forever PVP: Give yourself the Fight Forever role via #self-assign-roles to access the Fight Forever channels and setup matches. Fight Forever Crimson Days matches are 2v2 Showdown, and loadouts are restricted to a bow, a special weapon and a power weapon of choice. Oathkeepers exotic Hunter arms are banned.

You can complete challenges starting January 31st. To complete a challenge, submit proof of completion to your clan staff for sign-off. As you complete each level you can post your Event Pass to #crimson-days to claim your rewards (like the @It Takes Two role).

Sign up forms for the Crimson Days 2v2 PVP Tournament, as well as a full rules packet, will be available in the coming days.

Any questions about CRIMSON DAYS can be posted in the Crimson Days Q&A channel under the #crimson-days forum.


That's all for this week folks! I once again urge you to check out the ViDoc that was released this morning, it's quite exciting! I am so hyped, hope you are too! Destiny 2 ViDoc: As Light Falls

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