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SGC - Players of the Week - 3/7/23

Greetings everyone! It's been a while, and I hope you're all doing great. Are you having a blast with Lightfall? I sure am! The visuals and gameplay have been amazing, but I can't help but wonder about the story. Hopefully, the upcoming seasons will shed some light on our burning questions. Switching gears, have you noticed how Strand was very obviously supposed to launch alongside The Witch Queen? It's a little disappointing to think about, but I'm glad it's finally out, even if it's fashionably late. Let's delve into the winners of this week!


Congratulations to our:

Community Players of the Week

KOTR | shadowstink VOID | hoppefalcon SIVA | Heck SHOT | Chūnibyō Weebussy REAP | Onitou

D2 Players of the Week


FURY | Burak

SLS | Love Train

KOTR | SlothWudia

DEVL | grazer27

Honorable Mentions

DGEN | PurplePanda5212

OMEN | Phimshh

WRTH | Yakob

FURY | Power150

WARD | BaddestCellar46


SGN | Dragonlevelgaming

DISC | Loono


SLS | Dreamuur

IX | TakeawayGravy

SPAR | parnfal01

DAWN | Crump.


WOLF | RedCaptainVirus

VII | yoyolove

DEVL | Hoothen

BOOP | OrderlySnow2601

LGIN | current_shampoo9


Honorable Mentions

DISC | Frostbite

VII | M4tr1X

IX | TakeawayGravy

DGEN | ZipperMan

ANRC | Panda7052

SHOT | Chūnibyō Weebussy

LGIN | Asura_5B

OMEN | O.D.S.T.-127

SIVA | whiteyford212

SGN | Bluejays243

CATS | Blindracer33

DAWN | NobleBrute7

WRTH | TheDestroyer

WOLF | Atebawl

REAP | HolyFluffyEwok

SPAR | dojodalton

BOOP | Dron

SENT | VoltWaffle

Community Clans of the Week

Shrouded Outlaws

Shrouded Knights

Shrouded Anarchy

Destiny 2 Clans of the Week

Shrouded Fury

Shrouded Souls

Shrouded Anarchy

Discord Users of the Week (Text)

WARD | ChaoticMason WARD | TheSaintedN SHOT | Falkeys

Discord Users of the Week (Voice)

STRM | Hi Am Mac TavishXx

SHOT | Mirorx

SGN | DragonlevelGaming

Discord Clans of the Week (Text)

Shrouded Wardens Shrouded Anarchy Shrouded Outlaws

Discord Clans of the Week (Voice) Shrouded Void Shrouded Storm Shrouded Reapers

Winners must attend the POTW stream held every Tuesday at 6:00PM EST to claim their rewards!! To learn how YOU can earn these titles and get some sweet rewards, check out this other short article!


And now for our clan stream attendance stats! These numbers correspond to how many members of Shrouded put their clan tag in the twitch

chat during the POTW stream!



NA Division

Anarchy : 16

Catastrophe : 2

Degenerates : 3

Guardians : 4

IX : 3

Perfected: 0

Reaper : 14

Souls : 7

VII : 1

Wraiths : 2

Xbox Division

Dawn : 4

Omens : 13

Void : 11

Wardens : 25

Wolves : 7

EU Division

Disciples : 4

Fury : 3

Outlaws : 11

Storm : 4

PSN Division

Devils : 8

Knights :11

Legion : 0

Sentinels : 2

Spartans : 0

You can help track attendance for you clan by putting your clan tag in the twitch chat of the POTW stream! Example: #ANRC | #SHOT | #WARD | #KOTR


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Get ready to unleash your inner Guardian because it's time for the Shrouded Gaming Community's annual Gambit event - DERELICT PRIME! This event is all about slaughtering enemies, scoring raw DPS, and showing your opponents who's boss by melting your Primeval faster than they can even blink.

But wait, there's more! This year, we're shaking things up with our Derelict Prime [No Invasion] Gambit Tournament on March 25th at 1:00pm EST. It's time to rally your fireteam, sharpen your skills, and take on the competition in double elimination, single round matches. And the best part? Exotic weapons and armor can be unlocked by banking Motes via the Derelict Prime Event Pass, giving you the edge you need to dominate the tournament.

But even if you can't make it to the tournament, don't worry! Our Event Pass lets you earn rewards through completing weekly challenges and banking your hard-earned Motes. Plus, completing challenges even gives you an advantage in the Derelict Prime Tournament. And with Loyalty Points, a Prize Drawing, a server role, and bragging rights on the line, you won't want to miss out on this epic event.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the tournament [LINK AVAILABLE SOON] and get started on the Event Pass challenges to earn your place in the Shrouded Gaming Community Hall of Fame. And if you have any questions, head over to our #"Derelict Prime Q&A" for all the answers you need. Let's do this!


The Shrouded Gaming Community (SGC) now has a weekly show dedicated to providing the latest information about Destiny 2. The show is currently hosted by AGreeNer, with Mr. Goodsaint, Cpt Gato, and Mister Wrecked as recurring guests. In the future, special guest stars may also be invited to the show. During each episode, the hosts discuss various topics, including:

  • The This Week At Bungie (TWAB) updates

  • Any new patch notes

  • Any new weekly content

  • Any relevant Destiny-related releases

  • Important Shrouded Gaming news

  • Announcement of our weekly giveaway winners

  • Announcement of our monthly giveaway winners (first Saturday of each month)

Below is a list of places where you can watch or listen to the show:

  • Watch it live on Patreon (Friday 7 PM EST):

  • Watch the recording (premieres @ 11 AM EST Saturday & VOD becomes available after the premiere):

  • Listen to it (release Saturday @ Noon EST) on:

Get your weekly dose of Destiny news with the SGC show - your go-to source for all things Destiny! Thank you!


"I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."

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Congrats to all the players of the week!


Mar 09, 2023


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