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SGC Players of the Week!! 4.5.2022

Hello Shrouded Gaming!! The SGC Player of the Week stream was live on Tuesday, 4.5.2022! This stream was the the last chance for clans to earn Clan Wars points for this season. It was a very close race for the top spot but we all had a great time participating!

If you weren't able to join us, click here to check out the stream.


These streams are dedicated to acknowledging the individual members of our community who have been the most active over the past week grinding out activities in Destiny 2 as well as Clans and individuals who have been super active within our Discord servers, both PC and Console. If you are curious on what to do in game to earn Player of the Week points and maybe earn yourself a title, loyalty points, and a chance at juicy pot of Silver, here is the infographic for the Season of the Risen!


Without further delay, let's acknowledge those amazing guardians who stacked up some incredible points this past week.

Congratulations to our SGC Players of the Week!

DEVL | Slender644

Void | jojcjay20

ANRC | Origin

SLS | BoDyCoUnT87

LGIN | moonlord007

Remember, if you win AND attend the stream, you get a ticket for your chance to win 12,000 Silver @ the end of the Month. Also, just for attending the stream each winner will receive 50,000 Loyalty Points!

Additional Winners this Week

Discord Users of the Week - Vyx, Philbert, Kart_Offel (PC Text)

Hi Am MacTavishXx, Envixer, Vyx (PC Voice)

RachelHP3987, faster2650, BadAimBetty (Console Text)

SaddisticDemon, GReY_B3aRD_Man, Abishaal89 (Console Voice)

Discord Clans of the Week - Shrouded Void, Wardens, Anarchy & Storm

Destiny 2 Clan of the Week - Shrouded Devils, Legions & Void

Congratulations to all these members!! In addition to the 20,000 Loyalty Points they would have all earned for attending the stream, they will also get to sport their very own discord title for the next 7 days. Remember, if you win AND attend the stream, You Get a Ticket for your chance to win 6000 Silver @ the end of the Month.. Make sure drop that # and claim your rewards.

Give it up for all the Honorable Mentions as well!! Remember, if you win AND attend the stream, you get a ticket for your chance to win 6000 Silver @ the end of the Month.

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Big Shoutout to SHROUDED Void for having the most Clan Members in attendance to the stream with an incredible 35 Members! Each of those members who attended the stream and dropped that clan tag will received a bonus 20,000 Loyalty Points!!! Shrouded Knights, Anarchy, Void, Devils, and Omens will receive a bonus 10,000 Loyalty Points for having 10 or more members attend the stream. Way to go everyone!

Great job on winning those extra loyalty points. Thank you to all the clan members that attended!!



PSN Division: 46

#DEVL Shrouded Devils - 23

#LGIN Shrouded Legion - 4 #KOTR Shrouded Knights - 15 #SENT Shrouded Sentinels - 2

#SPAR Shrouded Spartans - 2

EU Division: 5

#FURY Shrouded Fury - 1

#SHOT Shrouded Outlaws - 1

#SHRB Shrouded Rebels- 0 #STRM Shrouded Storm - 3

XBox Division: 65

#OMEN Shrouded Omens - 15

#RIOT Shrouded Riot - 1

#VOID Shrouded Void - 35

#WARD Shrouded Wardens - 5 #WOLF Shrouded Wolves - 9

NA Division: 40

#ANRC Shrouded Anarchy - 14

#CATS Shrouded Cats - 7

#DGEN Shrouded Degenerates - 5

#SGN Shrouded Guardians - 1

#SHIM Shrouded Immortals - 0

#IX Shrouded IX- 3 #SIVA Shrouded Perfected - 0 #REAP Shrouded Reapers - 0 #VII Shrouded VII - 0 #SLS Shrouded Souls - 9

#BOOP Shrouded Squeakers - 0

#WRTH Shrouded Wraiths - 0

Help track attendance for your clan. All that is needed is for you to shout out your clan pride during the stream (i.e., #KOTR, #SLS, etc.) and the bot will do the rest. EASY PEASY!


If you enjoyed the stream, remember to share your experience with your clanmates during game chat. Hopefully they will ask you more about it and join us for the next stream! Let's keep spreading the joy and love within our community!! ALSO, remember attending the stream is a super easy way to help your clan earn points for Clan Wars, starting with our very next PotW stream.

A couple of Interesting Stats from the Stream...

Max Viewers - 142

New Subscribers - 106

Unique Viewers - 380

New Followers - 15

Average Viewers - 110

Unique Chatters - 162

Live Views - 768

Your continued support is so special and amazing. What an spectacular community we have!

The winners of Clan Wars was announced in a short

live stream on 4.6.2022.

To watch, click here.

Congratulations to the top 5 winners of Clan Wars 2022, Season 1:

Shrouded Void - 254 points

Shrouded Devils - 244 points

Shrouded Knights - 158 points

Shrouded Souls - 130 points

Shrouded Anarchy and Shrouded Omens - 105 points

***Things to look forward to in April***

April Loyalty Point Giveaway: $300 SGC Store Credit, $300 Bungie Store Credit, 36,000 Silver, Oculus Quest 2 - 64 GB, XBox Series S, or a Nintendo Switch! Winners choice. Read more about these here.

Extra Life 2022 is now under way!

The SGC is proud to once again be a part of a program that benefits Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across North America! We will continue to collect donations until November '22. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for this amazing foundation. Our fearless leader, the Green man himself, has sweetened the pot. If we raise $1,000 by 6.1.22, Greener will dye his hair in Pride colors in support of Pride Month (June). We are currently at $720, YEAH! Join our team and donate using this link.

OR Purchase Extra Life 2022 SGC Merch & all Profits get donated to Extra Life!!

Hope you are enjoying Witch Queen, Season of the Risen!

I really look forward to seeing everyone at our next stream! You guys make this community so special! Thank you!

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