Updated: May 16, 2019

Official Rules & Regulations

Announced: Friday April 26th

Ends: Friday, May 10th

Winner Announced: Tuesday May 21st, 2019 ( SGC Community Stream )

1st Place Winner

-Design posted in SGC Merch Store

-$50 worth of merchandise with your design or SGC Logo

2nd Place Winner 

-Design posted in SGC Merch Store for 3 months

-$25 worth of merchandise with your design or SGC Logo

3rd Place Winner 

-Design posted in SGC Merch Store for 1 month

-$15 worth of merchandise with your design or SGC Logo

Honorable Mentions:

Up to 3 honorable mentions, these members get $10 worth of merchandise with a winning design or the SGC Logo. Members can pay the difference for a higher item or may have to pay the difference for shipping expenses and any overages. 

How do we vote?

Voting will be an open event on the SGC website, much like POTM is exercised. Names required for Patreon, and member votes names optional.

Patreon votes count as 3! Become a Patreon for as low as $3/month!

Member votes count as 1.

Voting will be open for 1 week and winners will be announced via stream on the SGC’s Twitch channel:

Potential Winners must be present for stream! Members can send a proxy if unavailable at announced time of stream.

What do we design?

Design must be able to be placed on several merchandise items, this means nothing too small, nothing too large. Follow guides below for more information on design requirements. Must include Shrouded Gaming or SGC somewhere on design. Does not have to relate to a specific game or category but is suggested as *gaming* content/related. No trademarked images/phrases to be used. Once design is submitted all rights to design are released to the Shrouded Gaming Community Admins. Winning designs must follow guidelines below to be featured on merchandise and apparel. Winning members who wish to claim their prize must understand shipping is included in allotted winnings. If a member wishes to pay the difference for a higher item or costs of shipping they may contact AGreeNer directly for other payment options.

Submit designs on Discord in sgc-design-contest-submission channel.

Click on of the buttons Below for instruction on each type of design.

Video Tutorials Template Downloads

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