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Shrouded Gaming New Report.

Hello Everyone. I was suppose to write to you today to give you an explanation as to what the SGC was going to do in regards to the allegations & complaints brought forth during the Protest on Friday.

However I have different news to share with you on this subject today. Effective Immediately Due to Creative differences Shrouded Gaming will be Parting ways with the SGC Console Department of the SGC. This Includes All PS4/XBOX Clans Members and Staff. We were unable to come to amicable agreements regarding issues and out of respect for what he built we allowing Neurosis to retain sole ownership of the Clans and Discord.

This was an amicable decision & will be separating things over the next couple days & console will be re branding. Please retain professionalism over this time as we figure all the ins and outs of this during this trying time for the community.

Please DM AGreener#2539 With any questions.

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