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Shrouded Gaming's Player of the Month Results and Player of the Year 2021 Awards - December 2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

On Saturday, 1.8.22, Greener hosted the SGC Player of the month Stream and it was a spectacular stream! There was a phenomenal turn out. We had so many stop by the stream we hit 150 viewers and FINALLY gave away the CADYE-6 statue. How great is that?

As always, this was a fun stream full of steam game giveaways, Witch Queen giveaways, and loyalty points! He also surprised us with SGC Player of the Year 2021 Awards! If you weren't able to join us, click here to check out the stream.

Don't have time to revisit the Stream, no worries. I have a list of highlights here for you!


1. SGC Staff Member of the Month - Merica Mfer

2. Most Helpful Member of the Community - Sharkbyte78

3. SGC Community Engagement Award - Starslasher2

4. SGC Member of the Month - Sir_Toombs

5. SGC Rookie of the Month - RachelHP3987

Big congratulations to all the winners! In addition to the Discord Title Role they will receive their choice of:

Gamer Tag Branded SGC T-Shirt

2,300 Silver in D2

100,000 Loyalty Points

If you haven’t already, get in touch with Greener via DM so you can pick out your prize!!

Congratulations to all the nominees as well! It is a special thing to be nominated and have Greener read it out on the stream.

Have someone you want to nominate for the next POTM stream? Please do so here! You can now earn Clan War points for each legitimate nomination. See more about that here.

Additional Winners this month include:

  • Discord Users of the Month - Hi Am MacTavishXx & Mr GoodSaint

  • Discord Clan of the Month (Voice) - Shrouded Storm

  • Discord Clan of the Month (Text) - Shrouded Void

  • Sherpa of the Month - Sartosh with 13 Sherpa raid clears

  • Destiny 2 Clan of the Month - Shrouded Legions

Not only have all these players earned some serious bragging rights, the Discord Users of the Month and Sherpa of the Month earn Discord titles AND if they are on during the stream these 2 players also receive Loyalty Points! And members of the Destiny 2 Clan of the Month get 25K Loyalty Points! So, if your clan wins drop that #clan in chat and collect those riches.

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

***Things to look forward to in January***

  1. Tune into the SGC Twitch Stream for the Loyalty Points Giveaway (date: TBD). January Loyalty Point Giveaway: $300 SGC Store Credit, $300 Bungie Store Credit, 36,000 Silver, Oculus Quest 2 - 64 GB, or XBox Series S! Winners choice. Read more about these here.

  2. Sub Goal: 185/500

  3. Bit Goal: 100% for Female Anime Cosplay Catastrophe Steam!!!!!! Will be held once the costumes have been selected and acquired. ~~~Yeah! Looking forward to this!~~~

  4. CLAN WARS IS HERE! Read more here.

  5. Sign up here for Organized Chaos, a multi-playlist competition consisting of Crucible, Gambit, and Nightfall Strikes. First round starts 1.15.22.

I hope to see all of you on our Twitch channel here. Follow for notifications when we go Live!!

Join us and enter the Witch Queen giveaway!

The next lucky one may be YOU!

I really look forward to seeing everyone at our next stream! You guys make this community great! Thank you!

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