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Shrouded Gaming's Player of the Month Results - June 2021

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

Last night we hosted our Player of the Month stream alongside our Player of the Week Stream and it was a huge success! For more info on the PoTW stream, see this post.

Just a nice short post to congratulate all of our winners, so without further delay, congratulations to all the winners:

  • SGC Staff Member of the Month - Tvvex

  • Most Helpful Member of the Community - Jonas

  • SGC Community Engagement Award - Vadok NSC

  • SGC Member of the Month - Bilbo_001

Congratulations to all the winners and to those nominated!! Notably, we had many, many nominations in the Staff category, so a special thank you to those that help keep the SGC up and running! In addition to the Discord Title Role, the winners will receive their choice of:

  1. Gamer Tag Branded SGC T-Shirt

  2. $20 SGC Store Coupon

  3. 20,000 Loyalty Points

  4. 1000 Silver in D2

Please contact Greener on discord to claim your prize.

Additional Winners this month include;

  • Discord Users of the Month - MacTavish (22K minutes), PyroKnight (5K+ Messages)

  • Discord Clans of the Month - Shrouded Souls (28K Messages), Shrouded Storm (140K Minutes)

  • Sherpa of the Month - Fallkeys (16 Sherpa Clears)

  • Destiny 2 Clan of the Month - Shrouded Wraiths

Congratulations to everyone involved!! You are all amazing!

Giveaway Winners for this stream:

2300 Silver - alrightalright76 (the system is rigged he won 4 giveaways last night)

We have also added a new system to track clan attendance in the stream. In order to be counted, you must drop your clan tag in chat (i.e. #IX, #STRM, #SLS). Super easy and a great way to get some loyalty points, as the clan with the most members in attendance will earn loyalty points. Just make sure you stick around for 30 min (or more ;) ) to count towards your clan total. With that being said, thank you to all those in attendance on stream.

Shrouded Knights - 13

Shrouded Storm - 11 (or something. bot did not like this clan)

Shrouded Destiny - 11

Shrouded Wardens - 9

Shrouded Souls - 7

Shrouded Void - 7

Shrouded Wolves - 5

Shrouded Sentinels - 2

Shrouded Riot - 2

Shrouded Wraiths - 2

Shrouded Reapers - 2

Shrouded IX - 1

Shrouded Rebels - 1

Shrouded VII - 1

Shrouded Spartans - 1

Shrouded Anarchy - 1

Shrouded Perfected - 1

Shrouded Fury - 1

Shrouded Squeakers - 1

Some stats from the stream:

  1. Max Viewers - 68!

  2. Unique Viewers - 248!

  3. Average Viewers - 52!

  4. New Subscribers - 10!!

  5. New Followers - 6!

  6. Unique Chatters - 97!!

Important Announcements

  • This Saturday, July 17th, we will be hosting our Xbox Series S and Toaster Giveaway on the twitch stream! Make sure to stop by (starting at 1 PM EST). This stream will be another one of the extendable exercise/drinking streams, so make sure we really put Greener through some tough times. Last time, it took him 2 days to recover so let's bump that up to 3!

  • July Bit Goal - Dance/Drinking in Drag community stream! (Goal: 100k Bits) We had great fun with a friendly bit war and are already at 34.50% of this goal!!!!

  • July Sub Goal - Drinking Flawless Raid Marathon (Goal: 350 Subs) We are currently at 10.57%!

  • Last chance to buy tickets for the Xbox giveaway! You can see more info about that and the toaster giveaway here.

  • If we hit 150 viewers on stream, not only will there be a Hawkmoon replica giveaway, but each person present on stream will also earn 100,000 loyalty points! Let's push for that this Saturday!

  • We are still looking for people to fill our Video Wall and Intermission with content. For more information on that, please see this post.

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