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#AreYouShrouded: SGC Staff Spotlight #2

This week's spotlight illuminates another veteran of the Shrouded Community, and this time, it's a person of interest from our Console side. (Sup, console peeps! <3) If you haven't had the pleasure of making his acquaintance -- most likely because you're from the PC side like me, you might've at least seen his special vid played on one of the SGC streams on Twitch. The man was getting his bilkmag on and it was glorious. Keep reading and get to know the fearless leader of the Shrouded Console fam:

IGN: Mr GoodSaint Real Name: Brendan Location: Michigan

Birthday: June '88, Gemini

Industry: Retail 😭

How long have you been in the SGC Community? Oh boy, this will be a long one lol. I joined way back on June 20th 2019 to Shrouded Dominion when that was a thing.

The day that I joined, Delta7teen pinged out about a new clan starting up -- Shrouded Fate, and that he needed members for it. I responded as I wanted to start helping out the community. So I jumped from one clan to another on my very first day, lol. I was in Fate for several months and then the drama started with some of the members there and Neuro, some of the older members will know what I'm talking about. After the drama started, I didn't want to be associated with any of that and asked to switch clans to Shrouded Onyx as that was the best Xbox clan at the time. After that, I regressed more and became more quiet, barely even talking or interacting with any of the members. After a couple of months, I realized that I wanted to make the most of my time here and that Onyx had become stagnant and inactive, so I switched clans again to Shrouded Spectres. Once in Spectres, I hit the ground running, engaging everywhere I could, eventually working up the courage to apply for its second Officer position. Once Officer, I took the role to heart and started being even more active, posting announcements and other fun things to keep the clan active and engaged. Our second Officer was given the opportunity to be admin of Onyx to try and revitalize the clan, it didn't work out. So then I was approached about the position by Sorrin. After very little deliberation, I accepted the position and brought in my wife, Asylum Siren as my first Officer. Within my first week in Onyx I was hell-bent on revitalizing the clan and bringing it back from the brink. I never fully got the chance as near the end of my first week as Admin, the "Great Console Server Collapse" happened. During those few days while a new server and new console clans were being created, I proposed a clan that I had always wanted, Shrouded Wardens. Once Wardens was established, I poured all of myself into it trying to make it as great as it could be, with the help of my amazing Officers at the time as well. After about 8 or 9 months passed, just after Beyond Light launched during Season of the Lost, KryptekOne approached me about taking his position as Xbox Division Leader, I jumped at the chance. I've always wanted to make the community as great as it could be and taking up the mantle as Xbox DL allowed me to do that more efficiently than I could before. Creating some events, implementing some new systems for the community, and trying to give back as much as I could in any way that I could. I have since moved on from Xbox DL to become a Shrouded Admin which allows me to give back and do more for the community than I ever could before. I plan to give this community my all to make it as great and incredible as I know it can be. Sorry for the wall of text lol. What roles have you had in the SGC? I've had most of the staff roles that we offer here in the SGC. Started as an Officer, then Admin, and after that getting offered the job of Xbox Division Leader. Most recently I took up the role of Shrouded Admin, a role that we used to have back in the day. I've done just about everything aside from Sherpa, I don't have the skill set to teach raids lol, I'll leave that to our professional Sherpa staff. Which role did you find the most enjoyable and which was the most challenging? Honestly, I found all of them enjoyable in their own way. One thing I always tried to do and still try to do is keep an open door/DM policy. If you need to ask me anything I'm always around if you need to reach me for anything. The staff roles are what you make them. If you want to do a great job and really give it your all then chances are you will. No one should ever take a staff position for the Discord color or the power that comes with it. You should want to take it, either better the clan you're in or the community as a whole. Each role has brought its own set of challenges that you'll have to adapt to and overcome. From Officers and Admins having to deal with clan squabbles and drama, to Division Leaders having to deal with staff shortages, multi-clan drama, and much more. Each role has been rewarding in its own way from the challenges they've given me to allow me to give back even more to this community that I love.

What was your first memorable experience in Shrouded? Hmmmmm... my first memorable experience, that's a tough one since there have been so many. I guess I would have to say the first time that I hit up the Xbox raid LFG and joined a run of members who I can now call lifetime friends. After that raid, they became a regular group that would get together to just hang in parties with or run Destiny activities with. That would probably be my first memorable experience here with so many more following.

What would you say people know you for in your clan or community? Are you the reliable guy? The class clown? The meme lord? And why? Aside from being the "Wasp" guy as most of my friends would call me, I'd say that I fall under a few of these. I have been known to be fairly reliable with either helping out in Sherpa runs when people needed some more experienced raiders, or volunteering to help out with some of the community-wide projects that I work with Greener on. Class clown or jokester definitely fits too, I have always tried to make people laugh one way or another and bring my brand of fun or funny to any situation. As for meme lord, I don't know about meme lord but I have been known to have some pretty spot on gifs when replying to people, if I get a laugh out of it then I've done my job, lol. What moment or achievement are you proudest of in your history playing D2? That's kind of a tough question to answer lol. I don't normally run flawless or low man raids or anything like. I suppose I would have to say when I first got the Conqueror seal back in Season of Arrivals. Getting that proven to myself that I can do some of the hardest content that this game has to offer. Since then I have pushed myself to attempt soloing dungeons and doing a couple of flawless raids even. What games, other than D2, do you play? Any decent RPG or Sci-fi shooter. Before Destiny came along I LOVED Gears of War. I played all of those games religiously and had tons of collectibles around the house too. Those collectibles have since turned from Gears of War to Destiny.

Other games that I've played and love have been the Mass Effect Trilogy, hands down the best sci-fi story that I've played to date. Currently, I'm playing Elden Ring and loving it. I was hesitant at first since it was my first Soulsbourne game but I can't put it down lol. Nothing ever replaces Destiny though I may take a break here and there to try something else out but I always come back. If you woke up one day to find your life turned into a video game, in which video game world would you prefer to live the rest of your life? Why? Mass Effect Trilogy, hands down. There's something about that sci-fi epic that is amazing to me. The story and world that they created with all the unique and cool characters are awe-inspiring. Even though they were on the brink of being completely wiped off the face of the galaxy all the time it still seems like an awesome place and time to live. Anything you want to promote?

Wardens clan, best clan. Hands down. If you disagree I'll fight you IRL. Also, I'd like to give my wife, Asylum Siren a shout-out and thank her for putting up with me treating the SCG like a second family and staff roles as a second job. Without her support I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have today, she's the best! How about some final comments or a message for the community? This community is a truly amazing place.

Seeing Shrouded grow and evolve into the incredible community that it is today is something that will stay with me forever. The environment that's been created here is second to none.

We're one big happy gaming family which is something that I always wanted to find. The experiences and friends that you'll make here are truly incredible and you won't regret it. I can say that without any doubt my time in the SGC has been some of the best in my life. It has gotten me through some tough times and made me a stronger person as well. I guess what I'm trying to say without droning on is that Shrouded is amazing and so are its staff and all of our members. Thanks, Greener, for creating a place that we all love. #AreYouShrouded


Hope you guys enjoyed getting know GoodSaint as much as I did. There was that little bit of console history in there too. Interesting stuff! If you've got follow-up questions or completely new ones you'd like to throw at him, same drill as with Gato's but this time, submit 'em here: Up next, we'll be switching back over to the PC side to hear from another member of SGC Leadership so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you're enjoying this series, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think by leaving comments or likes so we know to keep 'em coming. Thanks and catch y'all next time!

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