Shrouded Gaming's Player of the Month Results - January

Hello Shrouded Gaming!!

On Saturday, 2.5.22, Greener hosted the SGC Player of the month Stream and it was a spectacular stream! There was a phenomenal turn out. We had so much fun, so many sub giveaways, and engagement from the community.

As always, this was a fun stream full of steam game giveaways, Witch Queen giveaways, and loyalty points! We also did our first Silver drawing for the Player of the Week winners and Honorable Mentions! If you weren't able to join us, click here to check out the stream.

Don't have time to revisit the Stream, no worries. I have a list of highlights here for you!


1. Player of the Week 12,000 Silver ($100) Winner - ORION

2. Player of the Week Honorable Mention 6,000 Silver ($50) Winner - Reflex


1. SGC Staff Member of the Month - Texan Hitman

2. Most Helpful Member of the Community - Gifted Feather

3. SGC Community Engagement Award - Star Slasher

4. SGC Member of the Month - ChaosicKnight

5. SGC Rookie of the Month - Arwendolyn

Big congratulations to all the winners! In addition to the Discord Title Role they will receive their choice of:

Gamer Tag Branded SGC T-Shirt

2,300 Silver in D2

100,000 Loyalty Points

If you haven’t already, get in touch with Greener via DM so you can pick out your prize!!

Congratulations to all the nominees as well! It is a special thing to be nominated and have Greener read it out on the stream.

Have someone you want to nominate for the next POTM stream? Please do so here! You can now earn Clan War points for each legitimate nomination. See more about that here.

Additional Winners this month include:

  • Discord Users of the Month - Hi Am MacTavishXx (23K) & Mr GoodSaint (7K)

  • Discord Clan of the Month (Voice) - Shrouded Storm (111K)

  • Discord Clan of the Month (Text) - Shrouded Wardens (22K)

  • Sherpa of the Month - Sir_Toombs with 19 Sherpa raid clears

  • Destiny 2 Clan of the Month - Shrouded Spartans