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Welcome to Shrouded "CLAN"! We are excited to have you join our family!


"Special Clan Appropriate Paragraph HERE"

Here are all the tools for success!
 》 All our important community info like our website and social media can be found in #Important-SGC-Links on Discord

 》 If a members name is a different color it means they carry a staff position within the community! So any questions at all, please respond here or get in touch with your clans:
» Admin: @ADMIN
» Officer: @OFFICER
» Sherpa @SHERPA - If the have any

 》 We encourage our members to game with fellow clan mates and to bring their friends along as we welcome everyone into our community!

» You can chat in your clan's channel and say hello, introduce yourself! Which can be found at #Shrouded-"CLAN"

» Use the tag @[CLANTAG] to tag your clan specifically.

Our server is very organized, Please use these channels for their respective uses.

 》 For General Discussion, use channel [ #d2-discussion-"PLATFORM" ]

 》 To find or setup a fireteam for an activity - use channel [ #gen-setup-"PLATFORM" ]

 》 To find a fireteam for a Raid - use channel [ #raid-queue-"PLATFORM"]
 》 To setup a Raid, please use channel -  #ccharlemagne (Helpful walkthrough down below)

» When trying to find a group, use the tag @DestinyLFG"PLATFORM", this alerts everyone to your post and will garner people to respond quicker as well as make groups faster.


Raid Setup

In an effort to reduce the the number of mass pings sent out on a daily please refrain from using the LFG tag in the raid setup channel. Please utilize the raid queue channels. Even if just trying to find 1 or 2, please just post that you need X number of players in raid setup and, don't forget to check your clan chat.



How To Use Charlemagne’s LFG Feature

1) First off you’ll need to register with Charlemagne so that your PSN / GT is linked with the bot, to do so type !register in #ccharlemagne you will then receive a DM with instructions.`

2) Go to #ccharlemagne and type !lfg create, this will tell the bot that you wish to create an LFG post.

3) Follow the prompts that the bot replies with, as of now we’re only using this feature for raids. So you want to click on the “R” reaction.

4) React with the correct letter pertaining to the raid you’d like to setup..

5) Now you need to set the date and time, so for example 05/25 06:00 PM EST. Make sure to use your timezone, that way people can gauge if they would be able to make the raid or not. The post will show what time it starts in their time zone at the bottom.

6) Enter a brief description of what you wish to do e.g ; “Fresh SoTP : Please have Whisper and be a minimum of 640 power”



Our Community Activity Policy

 》 We ask that you stay active within the discord and in game to avoid being a part of inactivity purge which happens every Monday.

 》 If you are planning on being Inactive for 10+  days in-game or 14+ days in discord, please inform your clans' officer to prevent you're removal from the clan during our monday purges. If you do not inform them, they cannot mark down that you are going to be inactive.

 》 To enable accurate in-game tracking please make sure your privacy settings are not set to private on

If this applies to you please update immediately.


If you don't know if this applies to you:


Go to: and enter your username. If you are able to see your in-game activity, this does not apply to you. If you get a message "This player has privacy settings preventing display of their progress", then this applies to you.


How to change your privacy settings.


» Go to: and log in > Select your avatar icon in the top right > Select Settings > Select Privacy > Ensure all checkboxes are checked.


If your privacy settings remain set to private, then you will be __kicked from the clan for inactivity.__


-Welcome to "CLAN"!-

Important Links

Destiny 2 Player of the Week info HERE

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Want to be a leader within the SGC? Click HERE

SGC Member of the Month info or nominations HERE

PC Discord Tutorial

Mobile Discord Tutorial

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